Vince McMahon rejects plan for Keith Lee to win the Royal Rumble

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Vince McMahon rejects plan for Keith Lee to win the Royal Rumble

At the end of this month of January, there will be one of the most anticipated events of the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), that is the Royal Rumble and the federation is announcing week after week who will be the protagonists of this extraordinary event.

Weeks after the WWE Pay Per View one of the recurring questions of the WWE Universe concerns who will be the winner of the Royal Rumble 2021. There are really many contenders for the men's contest and in the last few hours there are important updates on who is currently the main favorite of the event.

Initially one of the main favorites of the event was Keith Lee, considered a valid contender especially given the great popularity that the athlete was slowly gaining among fans. According to what Sportskeeda Wrestling colleagues have gathered, the situation is different with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon currently rejecting this possibility.

The reason why Big E is also a big favorite to win the Royal Rumble

At the moment Vince McMahon is not sure if the wrestler is suitable and considered valid for the main roster and consequently it is all to see his situation.

At the same time, WWE is expected to include Keith Lee at Royal Rumble as one of the last and this suggests that even if he doesn't win, the former NXT wrestler will be one of the last to remain in the ring. In the last episode of Raw Keith Lee did well even if he was defeated by the match for the title against Drew McIntyre.

Here is what SK colleagues report: "WWE was strongly evaluating Keith Lee's position as the winner of the Royal Rumble, but Vince McMahon blocked everything and despite the fact that Vince is not shared by everyone, we know how decisive his weight is.

" According to Sportskeeda colleagues, the real favorite of Royal Rumble 2021 is Big E, a wrestler that the WWE Chairman really likes and who could see 2021 as his year to rise and become a total superstar of the Stamford federation.

It was also reported that Big E is seen as a big favorite, and it all has to do with the Intercontinental Champion's exposure in the WWE. The former New Day member has been around for a while, and 2021 could very well be his year.

Another positive backstage takeaway is that Vince McMahon likes Big E. "Another big favorite at the moment is Big E because he's had years of exposure in WWE, and 2021 could be his year. Vince likes him."