Big mistake pointed out from segment between Goldberg and Drew McIntyre

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Big mistake pointed out from segment between Goldberg and Drew McIntyre

The first twist that WWE wanted to air in this 2021 was the sensational entry on the Monday Night Raw of WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg, who entered to challenge the absolute champion of the red show of the company, claiming a title contest in that of the first Big Four of the year: the Royal Rumble.

In a segment that seemed to have come out of nowhere, Da Man went to push WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, after the Scotsman had just beaten Keith Lee in the first official title defense of the New Year. However, something did not go as WWE's plans had foreseen and the segment has in fact exceeded the minutes available to the company, which thus had to fall back into an alternative method.

Vince Russo critical about Goldberg being WWE's go-to guy

According to Bryan Alvarez in one of the latest updates to the Wrestling Observer's microphones, the WWE champion should have held a promo on the Legends featured on Raw after his match, with Goldberg having to then enter while the Scotsman spoke and so the challenge.

it had to be sanctioned by the clash between the two. As seen in the final episode, however, Drew McIntyre was not even able to open his mouth in the ring of the red show, with Goldberg's entry on the scene that has effectively silenced Drew and with the last seconds of the show that has not even resumed the reaction of the absolute champion to the push received by Da Man.

The cause of all this is to be found behind a very conspicuous lack of time, given that the main event has exceeded the minutes allowed for the action of not a few minutes. The WWE and USA Network thus had to cut Goldberg and McIntyre's fight in the ring as much as possible in order not to go further into the next program, which had already been heavily delayed.

Russo continued that the fans who might have watched tonight's show would have been annoyed with WWE's insistence about reaching out to the same well. Goldberg has become WWE's go-to guy, and that would have put off several fans.

"And now, people are watching this show tonight. I've got nothing against Goldberg, but bro, you've got to be watching this and saying. Alright, bro, how many times are we going to that well. I mean, guys, come on.

We've done this. We've been here, over and over and over again. And bro, I guarantee you many people walked away from the show saying, 'how many times are we going to go to the same well?"