Mickie James' current WWE status revealed

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Mickie James' current WWE status revealed

In recent days there has been a lot of talk online about the fact that one of the athletes advertised for the episode dedicated to the WWE Legends of Monday Night Raw, Mickie James, was actually to be considered now a former athlete, with WWE already considering Mickie as a legend no longer active and with the non-appearance of the girl on the television screens of the federation which by now exceeded a few months.

The news immediately went around the world, with fans of the girl from Richmond who were immediately worried about the future of the former McMahon-owned federation's champion, after her last match in the WWE rings was in last September.

Update on Mickie James' status

Thanks to what is reported from the pages of the well-known site Inside The Ropes, we learn of the fact that Mickie James, in reality, has absolutely not retired, nor the WWE has ever pushed her to do so, given that the girl was absent from the WWE television screens only for a physical question and not for a desire to stop fighting.

Through an update reported by the famous overseas site, we learn that: "Inside The Ropes knew that, in fact, those reports were simply false. Mickie James is still an active WWE performer and has been declared adept at returning to wrestling recently in the ring after her injury sustained in October."

This explains why the girl from Richmond disappeared out of the blue from the Monday Night Raw TV screens, after her titled match against Asuka arrived in the red show ring in September, with Mickie who was then kept rested to recover from a physical problem that forced her not to be able to fight.

Nothing to do, therefore, with early retirement or even a forced retirement, which had already worried the fans of the former WWE and TNA champion girl, still in her prime, who can certainly still give a lot to the world.

discipline, after returning to the WWE rings after years of absence. According to Inside The Ropes, Mickie James is still listed on the active roster. She has not been moved into a non-wrestler section. So, she could still theoretically wrestle in matches, but WWE isn’t booking her.

Mickie James’ last match ended suddenly, and not as planned. She hasn’t been on television for a while. The last we heard, she’s not ready for the role of a legend at all. This is an interesting situation because it seems that Mickie James is ready to compete, but WWE isn’t using their former six-time champion.