Latest update on Roman Reigns' WWE future

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Latest update on Roman Reigns' WWE future

In the last episode aired last Friday on FOX of Friday Night Smackdown, Roman Reigns was advertised on the various social networks to make a request to the management of the WWE, which in the end was no longer made and the fans obviously noticed.

Also on our news board, on the eve of the very first episode of Smackdown of 2021, we had reported the synopsis of the program, with the WWE having in fact advertised Reigns' request to the management as one of the main segments of the episode, to try to put hype to the members of the WWE Universe.

What happened before the Smackdown live broadcast in the backstage of the company? Why didn't Roman Reigns make a request for him to the Stamford company again?

Backstage News on Roman Reigns

Trying to answer these questions, one of the most prepared sites on the web wrestling, Ringside News, arrived as always, whose sources connected directly with some members inside the WWE team, who communicated to them how the Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns themselves asked for the change of the lineup at Smackdown, with Vince McMahon who would have consented to this change of scenery, preferring instead what we later saw in the direct episode.

Instead of hearing the Big Dog's request, at Smackdown we once again witnessed a talking segment between Roman Reigns and his challenger Kevin Owens, with the bickering between the two that culminated in the main event between the Canadian and his younger cousin.

of the champion, complete with a flight on the tables at the end of the show for Owens. Apparently, once again, just like in the case of Carlito, who was advertised for Monday Night Raw and then never appeared, the WWE social media team had already publicized the Smackdown segment before it was even final.

, with Vince McMahon that once the plans for Roman Reigns and the other Smackdown protagonists changed, he didn't want to mention what was advertised for the event, causing it to fall into oblivion, as he has done several times in the past.

Goldberg’s appearance on the RAW Legends Night episode of RAW was not announced in advance by WWE. The WCW icon appeared after Drew McIntyre’s victory over Keith Lee and challenged the WWE Champion to a match at the Royal Rumble.

The segment ended with Drew McIntyre telling Goldberg that fighting him would be like fighting his own father. The two men then laughed at each other before Goldberg pushed his Royal Rumble opponent to the mat.