Black Bart on the controversy surrounding Chris Benoit

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Black Bart on the controversy surrounding Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit was a two-time world champion, having won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 2000 and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2004; other single titles include an IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, two WCW United States Heavyweight Championship, three WCW World Television Championship, three WWE United States Championship and four WWE Intercontinental Championship.

He has also won major tournaments such as the 1994 edition of the Super J Cup and the 2004 edition of the Royal Rumble. Benoit was considered one of the most technical wrestlers of his generation and a true specialist of the Suplex in all its forms, although he also did not disdain moves from wrestling and submission holds.

His brilliant career as a wrestler, which many claimed would have secured him a future place in the Hall of Hame in the future, was sadly overshadowed by his controversial private life and his tragic demise in 2007, which made him still today.

one of the most apocryphal characters discussed and criticized within the world of wrestling, if not the greatest, managing to divide public opinion, both on his human figure, and on the discipline itself regarding long-term physical and psychological damage that it could involve.

In an interview with Dr. Chris Featherstone on UnSKripted, Black Bart discussed his time with WCW and recalled how he was once called in to put over a young Chris Benoit.

Black Bart on the controversy surrounding Chris Benoit

"I went to the daggum ring and put Chris Benoit over, on TV.

We burnt the daggum place down. He was a hell of a worker. Arn Anderson met me at the doorway and said "What are you doing? I'm trying to make him one of the horsemen", and Chris pushed me aside and said, "What's wrong Arn? Nobody can follow that match?"

Chris did that for me," said Black Bart. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Chris Benoit following his passing. Benoit committed suicide in 2007 after murdering both his wife and child. Despite this, Black Bart still claims to be a friend of Benoit no matter what.

"There is bad stuff on Chris Benoit and all that stuff, but he is still my friend no matter what he did or didn't do. It's hard. Some things you don't understand. With Chris Benoit I don't understand," said Black Bart.

Despite saying that WWE is way ahead of AEW in terms of women's wrestling, Black Bart does believe they are getting better. "They're getting better and better. I'm talking about wrestling, I ain't talking about going out there and beating the snot out of each other. They need to be trained and they ain't getting trained," said Black Bart.