More details on Vince McMahon's health

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More details on Vince McMahon's health

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about a possible illness for WWE patron Vince McMahon. In fact, many of the insiders and former insiders of the Stamford company have feared the hypothesis that the Chairman of the board of the Stamford federation could spend an unhappy period in his life, given an unhealthy condition.

optimal. The rumors had started from one of the last interviews of the former Intercontinental Champion, Ryback, who had made his wishes for a speedy recovery to the Chairman, burying the hatchet with WWE for once. After the words of the former Federation Terminator to follow the words of the Big Guy, the WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross had also arrived, who said he was worried that Vince would continue to go on in the work with his company, until when he is not buried, in a situation that seemed anything but idyllic for the patron of the number one company in the pro-wrestling world.

Update on Vince McMahon

To give an answer to this question, journalists from the well-known American site Wrestling News came to our rescue, who spoke directly with some sources inside the company based in Stamford, who confirmed that Vince is in full health, with the site employees who reported: "Vince McMahon is fine.

He continues to train very hard and every now and then he forgets one thing here and one there, but it's all absolutely normal given the huge amount of things he has to think about every day. There is nothing that can suggest that he is sick, let alone that his age is wearing him out in the last period.

I think due to the Covid situation, he is currently sleeping a little more than usual than before, not having to travel around the world, but for the moment the only thing that has changed is that." Apparently, the ugly black and nebulous blanket that hovered over the WWE Chairman are said to have definitely fallen with these statements, with fans and insiders who were, in fact, already very worried about the creator of the WWE as we know it today, given that once he passed away, the pro-wrestling world would certainly become much poorer, but for the moment they are thoughts still far from reality, fortunately.

A WWE source told SK Wrestling that Vince McMahon does not have the same level of interest in Lee as he did eight weeks ago. The source also noted, however, that the WWE Chairman’s likes and dislikes are “apt to change like the weather forecast”.

The source also said that Vince McMahon keeps a low member of the creative team close by at all times. Keith Lee lost the NXT Championship to Karrion Kross at NXT TakeOver XXX in August 2020. Eight days later, he made an instant impact as a member of Vince McMahon’s RAW roster by defeating Randy Orton at WWE Payback.

Since then, Lee has never won more than two matches in a row and he has struggled to gain any momentum. The most recent episode of RAW saw Lee unsuccessfully challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship.