Update on the storyline between Drew McIntyre and Goldberg

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Update on the storyline between Drew McIntyre and Goldberg

In the course of the last episode of Raw, we saw Goldberg speak badly against Drew McIntyre, with a lot of challenge to snatch the title of WWE Champion. An extremely criticized segment that has also attracted the angry attention of our Eagle & Ono, as well as wrestling fans from all over the world.

The question many are asking, however, is: when did WWE come up with this narrative plan? An answer exists, and it makes it clear that the solution is of the last minute or so. Dave Meltzer talked about it, who on his 'Wrestling Observer Radio' explained that only last Saturday the WWE creative team chose Goldberg as Drew McIntyre's next opponent at the Royal Rumble.

And the motivation is equally clear: to bring a new enemy with great star power to the Scotsman's path, and which gives the public the feeling of a very high profile challenge.

Goldberg makes RAW Legends Night appearance

"The choice to play Goldberg against Drew McIntyre came only last Saturday - explained the expert journalist -.

If you are wondering the reason for this choice, since many were expecting a match against Reigns, well, what can I tell you. is that it wasn't a sudden change or a desire to present a twist. Simply, at the moment, no one seemed fit to challenge Drew McIntyre for the title on Raw."

As mentioned, however, the verbal confrontation between the two has generated many perplexities among the fans. His failure was explained by another big shot of the 'Wrestling Observer', namely Bryan Alvarez. The cause of all this, in fact, lies simply in the lack of time.

The main event overrun the minutes allowed for the action of a lot, the WWE and USA Network, so they had to cut Goldberg and McIntyre's fight in the ring as much as possible in order not to go beyond even more in the next program, which had been already profusely retarded.

Prior to this week’s RAW, Goldberg had been expected to work with Roman Reigns when he next appeared in WWE. The two men were originally supposed to face each other at WrestleMania 36 before Reigns pulled out of the event due to COVID-19 concerns.

As recently as December 2020, Goldberg continued to tease a match against Reigns. He hinted on WWE show The Bump that the Universal Champion could be “next” when he competes in WWE again. High-profile names including Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair appeared on this week’s RAW Legends Night episode of RAW.

Goldberg, however, was not advertised for the show. The WWE Hall of Famer revealed in 2020 that his WWE contract allows him to compete in two matches per year. Although Goldberg has held the WWE Universal Championship and WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he has never won the WWE Championship.