Former Universal Champion defends Goldberg's return

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Former Universal Champion defends Goldberg's return

WWE Superstar Finn Balor has no problem with the Legends and in particular with Goldberg, who we remember having returned in the last episode of Raw where he challenged Drew McIntyre for a match at the Royal Rumble with the WWE title at stake.

The NXT champion recently spoke to the microphones of, also talking about the role of the Legends who took part in the last episode of the WWE red show, declaring that he absolutely does not mind their use, whether for one evening or for several evenings, adding that he will welcome these legends with open arms.

Goldberg made his surprise return on this week's WWE RAW

The current champion of the yellow-black brand (Finn Balor) released the following words: "Those guys have carved out their roles over the years and have shown that they belong completely to the show.

Whether they are used again for a night or more is not my concern and shouldn't matter to anyone else. If we can have Goldberg, if we can have anyone else, I think it's better to have them for one night than never. I will always wait for these Legends with open arms."

Surely some words with honey from Finn Balor, who will most likely find it exciting to work with personalities who have strongly contributed to igniting his passion for wrestling over the years, which then allowed him to literally travel the world to bring continued his work, passing from England to Ireland, from the United States to Japan, where he was the leader of the Bullet Club.

Over the years the wrestler has so excited fans from all over the world, even in the guise of the Demon that has made him so spectacular even from a scenic point of view, within his most important matches. He has managed to win the Universal Title, twice the Intercontinental Championship and twice the NXT Championship in his WWE career, as well as winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic at NXT with Samoa Joe.

Goldberg made his WWE return on the latest edition of Monday Night RAW, moments after Drew McIntyre had successfully defended his WWE title against Keith Lee. Goldberg went on to challenge McIntyre for the WWE Title at the upcoming Royal Rumble 2021 pay-per-view.

Goldberg is a former World Champion, as well as a two-time Universal Champion. Superstars like Mustafa Ali openly criticized these returns, but it looks like Finn Balor doesn't share these sentiments. This is what Ali had to say about legends returning to WWE TV: "Guys like Drew Gulak, Akira Tozawa, myself, all of the RETRIBUTION not on the show," Ali said.

"Why? Because we need to hear, ‘Whatcha gonna do, brother?’ again for the seven millionth time? They pumped them up real good, the cheers, they pumped them up real good for them, huh? They were cheering, I’m sure they were."