Top WWE Superstar compared to Brock Lesnar

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Top WWE Superstar compared to Brock Lesnar

The history of WWE is characterized by the most disparate characters, from the monster heels who have made fans become attached to its babyfaces and from the darlings of the public who have managed to sell millions of dollars in merchandising, up to those Superstars who despite they were neither face nor heel, they still managed to attract crowds of huge people, such as Brock Lesnar.

Although Lesnar has not been a face for several years now, a large chunk of the public still supports the WWE Beast, with Paul Heyman's latest performances being followed by a very large number of fans, although the federation intended to "hate" the character staged by the Next Big Thing.

Whom did Triple H compare to Brock Lesnar?

Precisely during his last speech at WWE The Bump, the COO of the company Triple H, wanted to congratulate the NXT UK champion, who has held the title for well over a year and who apparently will continue with his reign for a long time to come, comparing the style of WALTER to that of WWE's Beast, Brock Lesnar.

To the microphones of the secondary broadcast of the federation, HHH said: "It's really hard to go against WALTER. Anyone who has seen him in recent years, anyone who has seen him lately against Ilija Dragunov. He is one of the most physically dominant athletes out there than all the other performers out there.

He doesn't waste a move, he doesn't do impressive things, he doesn't care about form, he's just effective. This must be said, if we have already seen such a combat mode in the past, we have only seen it in the talent of Brock Lesnar."

In practice, the great effectiveness of WALTER's fighting style, which leaves nothing to chance and above all he does not give any kind of discount to his opponents, he reminded Triple H of Brock Lesnar's style, who in the same way manages to squeeze his opponents until the last second in the WWE rings.

Who knows that one day the two will not even compete in the main roster rings before the official retirement of the Beast? Triple H added that Brock Lesnar had to absorb some punishment during his matches against wrestlers who were physically smaller than him.

Triple H felt that WALTER would also have to withstand many shots against A-Kid before going on the offensive. Triple H predicted that if WALTER weathers the storm, then the NXT UK Champion's opponent would be in for a forgettable night.

"In that process, he ate a lot of shots. Now, it takes a lot of shots from somebody Daniel's Bryan's size to knock Brock Lesnar down. But he ate a lot of shots to get one in. WALTER just has to sustain that."