WWE sees significant viewership increase for Raw Legends Night

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WWE sees significant viewership increase for Raw Legends Night

In 2020, the year that just ended, WWE has faced the most disparate problems due to, above all, the Covid-19 global pandemic, which has led the number one federation in the world of pro-wrestling to make several difficult decisions, such as that of firing several Superstars and insiders, just understood the gravity of the situation.

Among the many decisions suffered by the company, there was also that of having to stage an edition of Wrestlemania completely without an audience, with the annual PPV most awaited by fans from all over the world that was broadcast on a deferred basis, divided into two different shows, on two different days, which never happened in the history of the McMahon-owned company.

Another sore point of this 2020 for WWE was the substantial and steady collapse of TV ratings, which mainly saw Monday Night Raw suffer more than all other shows, the collapse of interest from home-connected fans for the product offered by the McMahon-owned company.

To try to revive that interest a bit lost over time by fans, WWE has tried everything with an episode of Monday Night Raw completely dedicated to the Legends and the names of famous people from the company's past in the first episode of the year of the red show, going to advertise the names of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Boogeyman, Big Show and many others to increase the hype in the minds of WWE Universe fans.

WWE sees significant viewership increase

Apparently, this strategy seems to have worked fully, with the latest episode of WWE's flagship red show having received ratings of 2'128'000 connected fans, a significant increase compared to 1'769'000 of the last week.

According to the well-known site Showbuzz Daily, this is the highest number of views that WWE has managed to collect in the last period, given that the ratings in the last weeks before Christmas have also settled on 1.7 or even 1.6.

Now it will be necessary to see if the WWE will be able to reverse the course, going up in the television ratings or if that of the Raw Legends Night was only an episode of lucky effect, which once the surprise effect is lost, will continue to see the ratings in decline, as happened throughout the end of the year just ended.

The previous week drew a three-hour overnight average of 1.737 million viewers. The week before that saw an overnight average of 1.741 million viewers. The week before that drew an overnight average of 1.81 million viewers. The week prior drew an overnight average of 1.78 million viewers.

That was quite a jump from the previous week’s number as well. The previous week’s episode of WWE Raw brought. 1.69 million viewers, which was a bit higher from the last week of 1.656 million viewers. It was a drop from the previous week’s 1.732 million viewers.