Highest WWE superstars base salaries revealed

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Highest WWE superstars base salaries revealed

WWE Superstars, just like Hollywood actors or national TV stars, have very high salaries, having a very wide television response, especially due to the fact that WWE is present in every continent, with its shows. on television but also with the world tours that in this 2020 were not able to go on air due to the global pandemic.

In recent years, some authoritative sources had managed to bring all the salaries of the highest-paid WWE Superstars of the year online, with the name of Brock Lesnar who always headed the list, with a number that was always more than 10 million, which stunned the fans on duty, who for the first time learned how much a Superstar of the federation could be paid.

Highest WWE Superstars base salaries revealed

Also this year, Brock Lesnar appears to have been the highest-paid wrestler by the McMahon family, with his salary appearing to increase year on year, but unlike previous years, the Mirror also managed to bring back the names of the top ten women wages of WWE, with the huge gap between male and female Superstars salaries once again infuriating a very large portion of the WWE Universe.

Let's now see both the rankings of the highest-paid WWE Superstars of 2020 just ended: Male Superstars 1- Brock Lesnar $ 12.612 million 2- John Cena $ 8,950 million 3- Roman Reigns $ 5,289 million 4- Randy Orton $ 4,746 million 5- AJ Styles $ 3.661 million 6- Seth Rollins $ 3.119 million 7- The Miz $ 2,577 million 8- The Undertaker $ 2,577 million 9- Kevin Owens $ 2.034 million 10- Dolph Ziggler $ 1,627 million Female Superstars 1- Ronda Rousey 1.625 million 2- Becky Lynch $ 1.354 million 3- Charlotte Flair $ 575,826 4- Alexa Bliss $ 365,818 5- Nikki Bella $ 365,818 6- Mickie James $ 311,671 7- Natalya $ 311,671 8- Asuka $ 257,468 9- Dana Brooke $ 203,264 10- Bayley $ 203,264.

Apparently, although many WWE Superstars have been heavily used in this 2020, such as Bayley and Asuka, there would still be a huge gap in wages between female and male WWE athletes. The difference in treatment is also to be found in how much merchandising the athletes are able to sell with the company, since the Steve Austin t-shirt, the one bearing the famous "Austin 3:16" brand, has alone sold 10 million dollars over the years.

, which means that many of the federation's male Superstars see their salary so high especially for the merchandising and the various bonuses they have managed to obtain with their own sales.