Fit Finlay on what was wanted for female matches

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Fit Finlay on what was wanted for female matches

Over the last few years, women's wrestling has undergone a clear and evident change as regards above all the main roster. Compared to the past, there is less and less access to the bones of female wrestlers and more importance is given to the way of fighting a wrestler.

In the past, probably the first thing WWE saw was represented by the aesthetic appearance of the wrestler while now, although it still has a fair amount of importance, Vince McMahon's federation gives greater importance to wrestling in a broad sense.

Current WWE Producer Fit Finlay talked about how this particular change came about, recalling that when she arrived in the federation, women's wrestling matches often resorted to "Bra and Panties Match" Fit Finlay performed in WWE from 2005 to 2010 and was also in contention for the US title during his stint.

In a Sitting Ringside interview with Dave Penzer, Finlay talked about his role in the transformation of women's wrestling.

Fit Finlay, and the evolution of women's wrestling in WWE

Here are his words: "I was assigned to the women's matches and I was already there when it was necessary to meet in bra or in general in lingerie, you even got to meet with pillows for Thanksgiving dinner.

But this is not who I am, at the beginning I did it but I was ashamed to tell the girls how to undress and I couldn't wait for this to end. In the end, I took all the girls and made them understand that it was degrading for them and so we started working on pure wrestling."

Then Fit Finlay continued: "The reaction in WWE was not the best, they attacked me and explained that they didn't want female wrestlers to fight like wrestlers, we want them to continue with hair-pulling challenges and wardrobe mistakes.

Sometime later they decided to create a women's wrestling division, it also passed for their idea, right? I think in the end it was me who turned on the light bulb and the idea in all of them." Women's wrestling in WWE has come a really long way, from squash matches to critically acclaimed bouts.

Today, the women of WWE are offered the same opportunities as their male counterparts. Superstars such as Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair have created history and changed the landscape of the entire wrestling industry. Not only can female WWE Superstars compete in longer matches, but they can also headline PPVs and participate in stipulation-based matches such as Hell in a Cell, which used to be strictly reserved for male Superstars.