Ric Flair was not supposed to trip Charlotte on Raw

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Ric Flair was not supposed to trip Charlotte on Raw

The first episode of the year of Monday Night Raw was a special night with the return to the ring even for simple appearances of some of the most important wrestlers in WWE history. Since the beginning of the red show we have seen Hulk Hogan, but there were many characters who participated in this pleasant event and among them, the legendary "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair could not miss.

However, it was not an easy day for the expert several times WWE champion: during the episode Flair was insulted and almost ridiculed by ex-friend Randy Orton who even defined him as 'pathetic' but what perhaps saddened the former legendary wrestler the most was the segment with his daughter Charlotte.

Ric Flair had to be close to Charlotte in the duo match between champions Asuka and Charlotte Flair and opponents Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce.

The aftermath of Ric Flair's botch on RAW

At a certain point of the meeting, Lacey Evans began to bewitch the expert wrestler who almost dazed and tripped over her daughter and thus caused Peyton Royce to be pinned against Charlotte Flair.

The latter, at the end of the match, furious, literally kicked Ric Flair out of the ring, who certainly appeared very sad and disconsolate with her daughter. During Wrestling Observer Live, colleague Bryan Alvarez made it clear that WWE's plans on this segment were not these but that Ric Flair actually made a gross mistake.

Here is his explanation: "I was just warned about what happened on Monday Night Raw that things weren't supposed to go that way. In fact, Ric Flair was supposed to trip Peyton Royce and get his daughter to win, but he committed a gross accident and instead caused the defeat."

Alvarez made it clear that once they made the mistake, Charlotte and her father played the finale by creating a storyline out of thin air and with Charlotte kicking out of the ring and sending her son backstage. Someone also talked about a possible future plot involving Charlotte and Ric Flair in contrast but apparently it doesn't seem to be a real possibility.

Charlotte and Ric Flair played up the botched ending and created a storyline out of it on Raw. Charlotte was annoyed with her father, and she instructed him to go backstage. Ric Flair looked dejected as he was shown making his way to the back.

As noted after RAW, there could also be another reason pertaining to backstage politics that explains WWE's booking of Ric Flair on the show. Nonetheless, Ric Flair issued the following apology on Twitter after the episode: "Sorry I Messed Up.

It Won't Be The First Time And Probably Won't Be The Last. A Father And Daughter's Bond Is Unbreakable. Thank You For Letting Me Come Visit! @MsCharlotteWWE @WWE #LegendsNight."