WWE hoped Goldberg would adlib to fix plot hole on Raw

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WWE hoped Goldberg would adlib to fix plot hole on Raw

During the episode of Raw Legends Night, the Main Event included a fight valid for the WWE Championship between the champion Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee. The former NXT wrestler had a great match, even touching the victory but in the end, The Scottish Psychopath managed to keep the title and therefore remain WWE Champion.

At the end of the match, Drew McIntyre shook his opponent's hands and while he was starting a speech to thank everyone and in particular the legends at the ringside, things changed and the first real surprise of this 2021 arrived: after months of absence, it was, in fact, Bill Goldberg who returned to RAW and who responded in kind to the champion accusing him of feigning this great admiration for the legends and subsequently challenged the WWE Champion for a match valid for the title at the Royal Rumble scheduled for next January 31st.

In general, Monday Night Raw went on stage very late this week and for that reason, it failed to deliver everything it wanted. The finale with Bill Goldberg and Drew McIntyre had to convey something else, the WWE hoped that Da Man could clarify the whole situation but in reality, things did not go that way.

WWE hoped Goldberg would adlib to fix plot hole on Raw

Drew McIntyre, before the appearance of Goldberg, had to say some things not really in favor of the legends thus creating a segment that would explain the arrival of Goldberg but due to the timing it did not happen and the wrestler made his entry into WWE directly.

According to what Fightful colleagues report, the federation hoped that Bill would be able to clarify all things by showing everyone the meaning of the segment but in reality, the wrestler only said the lines he had to say and all this did not clarify anything.

There was no remedy and the segment did not go very well, but now WWE hopes that the champion and his challenger for the Royal Rumble will be able to tell their story better in the coming weeks. If McIntyre does defeat Goldberg at the Royal Rumble, it does make him an even bigger deal than he does now, but it just isn't needed.

McIntyre already feels like a big deal based on his 2020 alone. That spot could have been used for a McIntyre-Sheamus match, which has been teased for months. On the other hand, if McIntyre loses to Goldberg, it will do nobody any good in the end.

Even if McIntyre regains the title before WrestleMania, the Goldberg reign would feel just like the Randy Orton title reign did, which was pointless. Some fans think there is no chance that Goldberg wins the WWE Championship, but it is important to point out that many fans said the same thing last year when Goldberg challenged The Fiend.