WWE’s plan for Damian Priest's main roster debut

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WWE’s plan for Damian Priest's main roster debut

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown aired last Friday, WWE has changed its plans several times, as now happens practically with every taping, with the protagonists of the main event of the blue show who have seen in fact drastically change the plans already advertised by WWE, with Roman Reigns who should have made a particular request to the company's management, but this question has never been heard on-screen.

As reported by some sources online in the last few hours, Damian Priest was to have made his debut alongside Kevin Owens, thus going to remove the numerical inferiority that the Canadian has been facing for weeks now, with the Universal champion of Smackdown, Roman Reigns, who is in fact saved and protected by his younger cousin, Jey Uso, on every occasion.

As reported in the last few hours to the microphones of the Wrestling Observer website program, during the daily Newsletters carried out by Dave Meltzer, Damian Priest is said to have been chosen among the faces of NXT to go and fill the hole created in the Friday Night Smackdown rings, with all the babyfaces on the blue roster that had already been "burned" by Reigns in the past weeks or months.

Latest update on Damian Priest's debut

In the main event of the evening, in fact, Damian Priest should have joined forces with Kevin Owens in a tag team match that would have seen the two faces fight against the two heels of the Samoan family.

To block everything, however, would have been the same Owens, who would have raised some doubts with the management, such as the fact that he had absolutely nothing in common with the NXT fighter and therefore his rescue towards the Canadian would have been completely senseless and anti-climatic.

Apparently, according to what Dave Meltzer said, Damian Priest is still ready for the big leap in the main roster, only that the braking carried out by the management in the last episode of Smackdown, left the athlete in a limbo that could last a week, like a month, like a whole year, with Priest who is now ready to land on the main roster, but with the management that must now invent something new for him.

Damian Priest will apparently make his main roster debut sooner than later. At least that is the plan. You never know how WWE can change their plans around time and time again in the process. January 31st’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view is the perfect time to debut anyone on the main roster. We’ll have to see if WWE can wait that long.