Becky Lynch on SD Woman’s Title

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Becky Lynch on SD Woman’s Title

Becky Lynch is arguably the most popular wrestler in the Smackdown locker room right now. The Irish Lass kicker is a former Smackdown Woman’s Champion and is one of the most talked about wrestlers of the world. She stole the hearts of many wrestling fans using her mic skills and decent in-ring abilities.

Becky Lynch started her run with the WWE at NXT and has come a long way since then. Lynch is all set to wrestle at this week’s Smackdown event. She will be going up against Charlotte Flair and Carmello. If she wins this match, she will get a title shot.

She will be able to challenge Asuka for the Smackdown Woman’s Title at the Royal Rumble event. In a recent video released by the WWE, she talked about how she feels that the Smackdown Woman’s Title has lost its value ever since she lost it.

“So I see all the paths that lead to WrestleMania, but I see that the title I made the biggest thing in all of WWE has gone downhill since Asuka has it. Well, people might say, 'Oh, Asuka only had it a month give her a chance.'

I had it for a day and it was the biggest thing in all of the WWE. So come Tuesday I will beat those two dopes. I'm going to become the number one contender and then I'm going to steal the show at WrestleMania because that's what I do.

Unlike the chosen ones, I have to stay on top because anything less than that I get pushed down where they think I belong. It happened the last time I lost my title. Well, I'm going to fight the entire world and everyone in it to make sure that doesn't happen."