WWE will not have fans in attendance for Royal Rumble

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WWE will not have fans in attendance for Royal Rumble

2020 is now behind us and 2021 is starting to really come to life. This also applies to wrestling, which in the past year had to deal with an unprecedented reality: that of shows without an audience in the stands. A situation that it was hoped could end in time for the first, great PPV of 2021: Royal Rumble.

But will it really be like this? Some indications of this are already coming, and the sensations are not particularly good. The health emergency has kept wrestling fans away from WWE live events for nearly a full year. Distribution of the vaccine has begun, but it will take a long time before an appropriate level of herd immunity is achieved.

For this reason, it seems at least premature to reopen the arenas to the public in the few weeks before the Royal Rumble. Rather. January is shaping up to be one of the most complicated months for the United States on the health front too, so much so that most medical professionals don't think things can return to normal in the first half of 2021.

But the state of Florida is governed by the governor Ron DeSantis, so there has been a real debate over whether or not some fans can be admitted to Tropicana Field for Royal Rumble 2021, which takes place on January 31st.

Meanwhile, an answer to the fateful question has arrived. It was collected by Jon Alba, a television journalist from Florida who explained on the podcast 'Living The Gimmick' that he had been assured that the Royal Rumble will not have a live audience present in the stands.

WWE ThunderDome will host Royal Rumble with no crowd

This has always been the most expected and obvious decision. It is probably still too early for arenas to be freely reopened to the public in this still very delicate period in terms of health, and despite the "light" approach of some sections of the population (and administration), the choice may appear to be the most correct.

to take. The Royal Rumble, which in 2020 had time to welcome fans in one of the last PPV still open to the public, will probably be strange without live fans, but the installation of the WWE ThunderDome WWE inside the Tropicana Field will at least guarantee an effect.

different from the absolute silence of WrestleMania 36, held in the absolute vacuum of the Performance Center. With the WWE ThunderDome now set to host a crowd less Royal Rumble, it's safe to say the 2021 edition of the event may end up being the most unique of them all.

WWE has been broadcasting their weekly shows from the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in Florida since December 2020. Before this, production had been based at the Amway Center, also in Florida. Crowd reactions are the heart and soul of the Rumble experience and having no crowd in attendance will make for a very interesting night, for both the WWE Superstars participating in the Royal Rumble match itself and the fans watching along at home.