Sasha Banks takes No.1 spot in Sports Illustrated's top 10 wrestlers of 2020

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Sasha Banks takes No.1 spot in Sports Illustrated's top 10 wrestlers of 2020

The new year has now arrived and with it, all the good hopes for a better year than 2020 have led WWE and its fans to be much more optimistic for these new 365 days that await us. After a literally tragic year for the world of pro-wrestling discipline, decimated by serious grief and problems which have brought the entire globe to its knees, WWE is still trying to create the best shows possible, without having a live audience and trying to entertain fans from home with something new, with constant surprises that are leaving the members of the WWE Universe speechless every week.

After having also seen the ratings rise thanks to the episode of Raw Legends dedicated to all those names linked to the WWE's past, the federation has now seen one of its champions included in an important list of one of the most famous newspapers in the world of wrestling: Sports Illustrated.

2020 was possibly one of Sasha Banks' best years in WWE. The current SmackDown Women's Champion was one of the company's biggest stars during the pandemic era as she and Bayley (who was at No.5 on the list) dominated the female roster.

The Legit Boss won the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships with Bayley and the top female titles on both RAW and SmackDown in 2020.

WWE's Sasha Banks had an incredible 2020

As reported by Justin Barrasso in the last few hours, with a list filled with the most disparate analyzes of the year of all the main protagonists of the WWE, AEW and NJPW rings, the champion has arrived to dominate the list of the 10 most important Superstars of this 2020.

by Friday Night Smackdown: Sasha Banks. The girl has in fact overtaken several big names in the world pro-wrestling scene, such as former WWE Jon Moxley or Roman Reigns and even the Japanese champions of the discipline. Below is the list of the ten athletes who according to Sports Illustrated were the best of this 2020 just ended: 1- Sasha Banks 2- Jon Moxley 3- Drew McIntyre 4- Tetsuya Naito 5- Kenny Omega 6- Bayley 7- I Shirai 8- Kota Ibushi 9- Roman Reigns 10- Eddie Kingston.

After a year full of great satisfactions, with Sasha Banks becoming the first female WWE tag team champion and then absolute champion of Friday Night Smackdown, beating her historical friend Bayley, Sasha takes home yet another satisfaction, coming directly from pages of one of the most important magazines in the sector, which do nothing but make the girl understand how hard she worked in this 2020 of shattered hopes and difficult times.

For the past few years, Sports Illustrated has released their top 10 wrestlers of the year list. In 2019, it was divided into two separate sections for male and female wrestlers with Jon Moxley and Becky Lynch taking home the top spots respectively.