Candice Michelle on missing WWE RAW Legends Night

Former WWE Women's Champion Candice Michelle was advertised for RAW Legends Night, although she didn't appear on the show

by Simone Brugnoli
Candice Michelle on missing WWE RAW Legends Night

In the last episode dedicated to Monday Night Raw, WWE decided to withdraw the ratings that had collapsed in the last period by staging an entire episode of the show dedicated to its Legends i.e. RAW Legends Night, going to call several big names of the company's past, including the great historical faces Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, with numerous other athletes who did not appear as expected from the advertisements issued by the company.

During the live broadcast of Monday Night Raw, several keen-eyed fans noticed that several of those names that were advertised for the event, never actually appeared in front of WWE cameras, such as Carlito, Kurt Angle and Candice Michelle.

All three athletes had in fact been advertised in the lists that the WWE had released on all its social pages and also in the clips that on the eve of the event were broadcast in the weekly tapings, but there is none of them anyway was no trace in the show last Monday.

Candice Michelle found about RAW Legends Night

After reading about the phantom travel problems found by Carlito to get to Raw, which later turned out to be false, another version also emerges told by another protagonist of the WWE rings, who in theory should have taken part in the evening last Monday: Candice Michelle.

The former federation champion, interviewed by Wrestling Inc, revealed: "The truth is that they just didn't call me, but I always stayed among the advertised names. It would have been like taking me back to the Super Bowl. I have already returned to WWE and won the title 24/7.

And people still ask 'Why did they make him do this? How does this stuff work?' But the reality is that everything works behind the scenes and I wanted to come back to answer some big questions for you guys, but I never got called.

I was falsely advertised. They never asked me to be there. I would have loved to be there with them. I love WWE every time they call me, I'm super honored when they call me along with the legends. And I don't know why, but I wasn't even mentioned by them for this show, but seeing what happened on one side I'm also happy, because I probably should have been on stage at least half an hour doing nothing, with 30 other people who are definitely more famous than me." Apparently, this time the WWE would have played dirty, sponsoring several athletes who had not even been contacted by the federation, only to increase the prestige of the episode aired, which thus raised as many fans as possible and helped the federation in the fight.

against the collapse of ratings. During the interview, Candice Michelle said she only found out about RAW Legends Night from Torrie Wilson during their trip to Disney World. Torrie told Candice that she would attend RAW Legends Night but the latter thought that only Hall of Famers were invited.

After looking at the announcement, Candice was shocked to see her name on the list despite not receiving a call from WWE. She said that her unavailability on social media could be a possible reason why she didn't make the cut.

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