Stone Cold Steve Austin: 'I didn’t really like Royal Rumbles'

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Stone Cold Steve Austin: 'I didn’t really like Royal Rumbles'

One of the most recognizable faces in the entire history of WWE is surely the one who belongs to the Texas Rattlesnake of the federation, the Hall of Famer and multi-world champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, included in many of the lists of the main magazines that deal with pro-wrestling, as one of the most important characters in the evolution and growth of WWE to what it is today.

Among the many awards and laurels won in the McMahon rings, Steve Austin also won three Royal Rumble matches, in 1997, 1998 and 2001, taking home the palm as the athlete with the most Rumble won in the history of the federation.

Apparently, however, there is no match that Steve Austin has hated more over the course of his career, as recounted in his latest interview, where Stone Cold listed all the problems encountered during the 30-man brawl, which is probably one of the most difficult matches for a pro-wrestler.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is glad he won three Royal Rumble matches

Stone Cold Steve Austin would bring up his first-ever Royal Rumble experience, where he, unfortunately, had a huge botch. "I’ll share this with you.

I won three Royal Rumbles, but I didn’t really like Royal Rumbles because there’s so much going on. So many things that can’t go wrong because everything’s gotta work out. You know what I’m speaking of, without just spelling it out.

I’ll never forget in San Diego at my first Royal Rumble. I was supposed to be the fourth guy left in the ring and Rikishi, or somebody, gave me a clothesline and the ropes were so baby oiled up from everybody wearing baby oil, I slipped.

There was a bunch of guys in the ring and I went out way early. I hit the ground, and I’m still pretty new in the company at this time, Ryan, but they’re gonna try to keep me in the Rumble, so they’re giving me a little bit of a push and I blew it!" said Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Despite not liking the Royal Rumble as much as we thought, Stone Cold Steve Austin was still very happy with the fact that he has won the Royal Rumble three times. He currently holds the record for most victories in the marquee match, but he did bring up the possibility of Randy Orton equalling it.

"I didn’t really care for Royal Rumbles. I won three and I’m glad that I won three. I think Randy Orton if he wins – hadn’t he won two?" said Stone Cold Steve Austin.