Stone Cold Steve Austin impressed by Drew McIntyre

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Stone Cold Steve Austin impressed by Drew McIntyre

WWE legend and former wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin gave an interesting interview to Ryan Satin where he covered various issues related to current wrestling and got to talk about current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. The Texas Rattlesnake really had words of praise for the current champion stating that he is truly deserving all the attention reserved for him by the WWE and all his fans.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has won the world champion title six times and has been in the wrestling world since 1989, collaborating with WCW, ECW and WWE before retiring permanently from the world in 2003. Since 2009, the Texan athlete is also included in the Hall of Fame.

Stone Cold Steve Austin thought Drew McIntyre was a 'mid-card guy'

During the interview with Ryan Satin of FOX Sports, Stone Cold Steve Austin recalled his interaction with the Scottish Psychopath on his Broken Skull Sessions show.

The Texas Rattlesnake raved about Drew McIntyre's mentality and physicality and was even impressed with how the WWE Champion thinks about the business. "I’ve been watching him and to meet him in person and to get a feel for his physicality and his mentality and the way he thinks about the business, very impressed with Drew.

He’s definitely really, really earned the position he’s at in the business today," said Stone Cold. Stone Cold Steve Austin's opinions on Drew have changed since, with Stone Cold naming the current WWE Champion as his favorite Male Superstar.

"On the guys' standpoint, like you just said, Drew McIntyre came by to shoot the show," recalled Stone Cold. "Mick Foley was on the podcast years ago and he goes, ‘Hey, man. This guy." If you’d have told me he was going to be the guy years ago, I’d have said no.

He’s a mid-card guy. Mick goes, 'You should watch this guy.' " 2020 was the year of Drew McIntyre — The Scotsman first won Royal Rumble and then dethroned Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship.

He ended the year as the WWE Champion and is set to defend the title at this year's Rumble against Goldberg. During the interview, Stone Cold also praised Randy Orton's work during the most recent episode of RAW, which happened to be Legends Night.

Austin described Orton's heel work against Jeff Hardy as methodical and vicious. "I watched RAW just this past Monday, as we speak, whenever it was. And he was just … the stuff, the promos that he was cutting on the legends, the actions, the match with Jeff Hardy where he’s working that arm.

Slow, methodical, vicious. He’s so dialed in right now. This is the best Randy Orton we’ve ever seen," said Stone Cold.