*Spoiler* There's a new challenger to Roman Reigns' title

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*Spoiler* There's a new challenger to Roman Reigns' title

In recent weeks, a very particular situation has arisen in the main event of Friday Night Smackdown, with the reigning champion of the Universal title, Roman Reigns, who in fact managed to take out practically all the currently most promising babyfaces on the show's roster.

blue, currently remaining without a real challenger in view of the federation's first major PPV of 2021: the Royal Rumble. After having archived the chapter of Kevin Owens for the moment, very significant news has arrived at Smackdown in the flagship storyline that involves the Samoan cousins ​​of the federation, Roman Reigns and Jey Uso, who once again have made it the masters also in the episode of the federation aired tonight.

Adam Pearce is the new challenger to the title of Roman Reigns

Just in the episode aired until a few hours ago of Smackdown, there was a gauntlet match in the main event that served to decree the new challenger to the title currently alongside the WWE Tribal Chief, who was sensationally won by the last person fans would have expected to see as a wrestler in the McMahon federation rings.
In a long match that first saw Rey Mysterio and Sami Zayn clash, the elf from San Diego won, who then went up against the Japanese Shinsuke Nakamura, with the former Intercontinental champion of Smackdown who succeeded to take out Rey with a submissive move, making the Mexican surrender.

After Rey, King Corbin entered the match, who was defeated by Nakamura, who thus arrived in the presence of Daniel Bryan, with the two putting up a great match, won once again by the Japanese of the WWE.
To enter as the last participant in the match, the WWE official, Adam Pearce, arrived sensationally, with Roman Reigns and his cousin Jey Uso who started hitting the Japanese, then also bringing in Pearce.

After also landing the former NWA champion, with jabs from Jey's hand, Pearce's body was placed on top of that of the Japanese Nakamura, with the referee who could not help but count to three, declaring the victory of the WWE official, who has thus become N°1 contender, for the Universal title that Roman Reigns holds and will thus challenge the champion at the Royal Rumble.
Obviously, all of this is part of the storyline that sees Roman Reigns being furious with Pearce for giving Kevin Owens a match against Jey Uso in the latest episode of Smackdown, with the Universal champion who will then vent all his anger on the former wrestler, right in their match at the Royal Rumble, which was sought and wanted by the Big Dog.