Vince McMahon changes mind about mixing WWE brands

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Vince McMahon changes mind about mixing WWE brands

In recent months, WWE Universe fans have noticed that calls from NXT to the main roster of this last year have been seen more and more rarely and above all the movements between one roster and another have become almost banned, after that a new rule staged by Vince McMahon himself allowed one or more athletes to change roster even just for one night, so as to mix the cards up a bit.

During 2019, Vince McMahon devised the strange rule of the "Wild Card Rule", which allowed, as mentioned above, one or more wrestlers to attend weekly even in a show different from his own, with Charlotte Flair, the New Day, Roman Reigns and many other athletes who at the beginning made use of this rule, in order to stage the most exciting matches that the management thought they could create.

In the last year, however, the world pandemic has hit the WWE very hard, which has thus decided to keep its rosters well separated, so as to be able to create great Superstars in each brand, without removing the best athletes in each roster in order to bring forward all the shows.

Vince McMahon changes mind about mixing WWE brands

Furthermore, in this year's edition of Survivor Series, there was not even the presence of a single NXT fighter, which instead last year had been ensured for a large part of the roster.

This claim was made by Vince himself, who wanted to leave the roster of the Wednesday night yellow show separate from those of the main roster, of Smackdown and Raw. Apparently, however, Vince McMahon is said to have changed his mind soon, once again, deciding to bring up the Lucha House Party in the latest episode of NXT, which aired Wednesday night, with the well-known Wrestling Observer journalist, Dave Meltzer, who in fact stated: "Vince McMahon has obviously changed his mind about this because obviously there's no big deal in putting the Lucha House Party on NXT."

Although the WWE patron said stop moving only in November, after just two months he would immediately turn around, preferring the flexibility of his athletes to the consistency of his words. This change for WWE could happen during a perfect moment.

The Royal Rumble is coming up, an event which usually sees all three WWE brands compete in the big battle royal matches. We’ll have to see if NXT joins the main roster for the Royal Rumble once again. The idea seems very likely at this point given the Lucha House Party’s arrival in NXT.