Daniel Bryan wants new talent being pushed in WWE

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Daniel Bryan wants new talent being pushed in WWE

As we all know, over time Daniel Bryan has played an important role for SmackDown not only from a struggling point of view but also from a management point of view. Also considering his experience in the industry, the former WWE champion came out giving advice to the company regarding the use of some NXT wrestlers in SmackDown.

In fact, Dave Meltzer has clarified in his Newsletter that Bryan himself advised the Stamford federation to leverage many more NXT athletes, allowing them to take part in the blue brand. Also according to Dave, Daniel Bryan would believe in the need of the WWE to have to bring fresh air to the Main Roster, but at the moment it is not known exactly which wrestler the leader of the Yes-Movement meant.

Daniel Bryan wants new talent being pushed in WWE

As we have reported in recent days, WWE really intended to bring various NXT athletes into the Main Roster, among which the name of Damien Priest, who should have debuted in the last episode of SmackDown, in particular, stood out in the Main Event.

which starred Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens and the cousin of the former, Jey Uso. Roman, however, did not seem convinced of this option and for the moment Damien is still at NXT, but his arrival in the main shows in the coming months is not to be excluded, where he could embark on a new path together with other athletes of the yellow-black brand.

The WWE has a lot of material in that of NXT, which, however, struggles to come out in the Main Roster also because of a totally different product than what the wrestlers of this brand are used to. However, over time there has been no shortage of examples that have shown how one can convince without many problems despite this important change.

It is no secret that Daniel Bryan has been a vocal supporter of getting lesser-known talent pushed. One of the prime examples of Bryan trying to make a star out of a Superstar is Drew Gulak. Bryan had taken the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion under his wing and even formed a short-lived tag team with Gulak to help boost his standing on the main roster.

And you, instead, would have liked to see Damien Priest in the last episode? And above all, do you agree with Daniel Bryan's words? Let us know with a comment. In a recent interview with BT Sport, Daniel Bryan went into detail about his relationship with fellow WWE superstar Big E.

The former WWE Champion was quick to note that while Big E has been presented as more of a light-hearted character thus far in his WWE career, specifically during his time with The New Day, the man behind the character can be "terrifying" if you are to get on the wrong side of him.