*Spoiler* Sonya Deville's new role revealed

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*Spoiler* Sonya Deville's new role revealed

In recent months, one of the most-missed absentees from the Friday Night SmackDown rings was the blue show athlete last seen in the WWE rings at Summerslam, Sonya Deville. Deville was out of the scene due to the defeat suffered in her Summerslam match against Mandy Rose, won by Otis's beautiful girlfriend, who had forced the former MMA fighter to leave the federation, due to the stipulation of the summer Big Four match, which was a "Loser leaves WWE match"

After spending several months at home, also to fix some legal troubles that the girl has seen falling on her, after being almost kidnapped in her house, with a stalker who was stopped by the police after being found in the girl's house, where she had remained hidden for hours, the girl was fortunately able to return to work, surprisingly reappearing in the last episode of the blue show last Friday.

In the episode aired tonight of Friday Night Smackdown, WWE communicated to its fans that Sonya Deville will now have a very specific role in the show's backstage, sending on an angle that confirmed that Deville will now be the personal assistant.

by Adam Pearce in the backstage of the blue show.

Sonya Deville secured a new role as a WWE official on SmackDown

During a segment aired a few hours ago, in fact, Sonya Deville said that in the new year, fans will see a new version of the athlete, as they have never seen it before.

After what happened with Mandy Rose, Sonya said she put the past behind her and is honored to have landed her new on-screen role alongside Pearce, who will now have more serious problems than WWE backstage, after being became the new No.

1 contender for the title of Roman Reigns for the Royal Rumble. Initially, it looked like this role might fall on former WWE duo champion Billie Kay with the girl who literally tormented Pearce and all the other Smackdown backstage insiders in recent weeks, but ultimately the work however went to Sonya Deville.

We will now see where she will also go to this very interesting storyline of the WWE blue show TV screens. The fans received their answer on this week's episode of SmackDown, as it was revealed that Sonya Deville had picked up the role of a certain kind of WWE official instead of returning as a full-fledged Superstar.

She claimed to have put the past behind her, directly referencing her popular feud with Mandy Rose that led to her temporary exile from the promotion. Adam Pearce had mentioned a personal assistant position a few weeks ago, and it seems like Billie Kay's resume didn't help her get the job. Sonya Deville may deputize for Pearce in the weeks leading up to the Royal Rumble event.