Steve Austin: 'I don’t want to do nothing else in the ring'

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Steve Austin: 'I don’t want to do nothing else in the ring'

One of the most famous faces in WWE history is undoubtedly that of Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, multiple world champion of the Stamford-based company, who during his career had a huge feud with the same Chairman of the company, Vince McMahon, who held the bench throughout the Attitude Era, in which Austin was one of the main protagonists of all the federation rings.

However, over the years many fans and insiders have wondered why the wrestler retired so early, with the athlete's physical shape that has always remained excellent, even after months and years of inactivity. In fact, overnight, Steve Austin has decided to leave WWE, with a permanent return as a wrestler who never arrived and with the wrestler who preferred to make only a few on-screen appearances as a special referee.

or as a special guest, dispensing here and there his sensational Stunners, which fans love so much.

Stone Cold Steve Austin spoke about how he uses his show

Recently interviewed on FOX Sports microphones, Stone Cold Steve Austin is once again talking about a possible return to the ring, rejecting any possibility to the sender and saying: "Dude, 100%.

Because, you know, I'm still one of the biggest fans of the business and when I changed the channel 7 years ago, I did it for a very specific reason; and now I have had the chance to understand that I had a great run in the ring.

So, I no longer have any desire to do anything else in the ring. I finished. I withdrew. Everyone knows by now. I no longer need to go out there on a pile of money to throw Stunner left and right. Once a year, or once every two years, whatever it is.

So yes. This connection makes sense. "Unlike many other colleagues, Steve Austin remained his word and preferred to stay home permanently after confirming his retirement for the first time, with age advancing for him too, as the Texas Rattlesnake has now reached the age of 56 and therefore prefers not to make the figure of the retired wrestler who returns to fight at all costs even if he no longer has the physical prowess to do so.

During the interview, Stone Cold also praised Randy Orton's work during the most recent episode of RAW, which happened to be Legends Night. Austin described Orton's heel work against Jeff Hardy as methodical and vicious.

"I watched RAW just this past Monday, as we speak, whenever it was. And he was just … the stuff, the promos that he was cutting on the legends, the actions, the match with Jeff Hardy where he’s working that arm.

Slow, methodical, vicious. He’s so dialed in right now. This is the best Randy Orton we’ve ever seen," said Stone Cold. Any doubts regarding Randy Orton being one of the greatest heels of all time were put to rest in 2020.

His feud with Edge was arguably the best rivalry of 2020, with The Viper pulling off one of the memorable heel acts in recent WWE history.