Corey Graves’ hilarious reaction to Donald Trump getting banned from Twitch

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Corey Graves’ hilarious reaction to Donald Trump getting banned from Twitch

The facts that are affecting America in these last hours are tinged with more and more elements that are putting Donald Trump in more and more difficulties. That after the assault of his fans on Capitol Hill, the seat of the United States Congress, he awkwardly distanced himself from the troublemakers in a video published in a perhaps hasty way on social media.

So much so that it is temporarily suspended from the social networks themselves, from Facebook to Twitter via Instagram and YouTube. Among Trump's accounts that have been blocked, however, also Twitch, a platform perhaps too young for his age, his role and his profile.

This was enough to attract the attention of yet another well-known face of WWE: Corey Graves. The former NXT fighter, who for years has become an appreciated commentator (currently in SmackDown), has in fact openly made fun of the now-former president of the United States, wondering in turn what exactly Twitch was for.

"Damn, now I'll never know what the President's strategy is to beat Zelda," he wrote on Twitter. And it's almost tragicomic to imagine the former White House tenant in the role of the last of the gamers.

Corey Graves on Donald Trump

Twitch banned Donald Trump from their platform, and it made headlines. Corey Graves saw this event on his timeline, and he commented with a vide game inspired tweet. Moving on to more serious issues, the assault that Trump supporters have brought to the US Parliament unleashed a barrage of much more severe and frightened-sounding comments.

And the world of wrestling has also exposed itself as it rarely has in the past. Several well-known WWE faces of yesterday and today (starting with Batista) have targeted Trump for what happened and even Mick Foley took it out on Vince McMahon.

To the latter, a longtime friend of Donald Trump himself, he asked quite clearly to expel from the WWE Hall of Fame the one who faced him in the famous Battle of the Billionaires of WrestleMania 23. Further proof of a situation that in the United States is getting all the attention it deserves.

President-Elect Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20th in Washington, DC. Until that day happens, it seems that Donald Trump won’t be able to log into Twitch. Corey Graves will be on Friday Night SmackDown tonight on FOX.

He will have the world listening to him call WWE action in the ring. Apparently, he didn’t have time to waste this morning with a hangover.