WWE superstars react to Washington DC riot

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WWE superstars react to Washington DC riot

Yesterday, late in the evening, the United States of America was literally shocked by what happened on Capitol Hill (in Washington DC): On the day that Joe Biden should have announced as the new president of the United States, some fans of the still current president Donald Trump broke into Parliament with a lot of weapons and attacked those present: the MPs were forced to hide under their chairs while outside there were also dead.

These dramatic facts have upset the entire world panorama and also the WWE world and in general, the wrestling world has appeared shaken by everything that has happened. WWE is in fact connected to Donald Trump and several former superstars or current members of the wrestling world have exposed themselves on the story.

WWE superstars react to Washington DC riot

We collected a number of social media posts from superstars and exes who commented on what happened in Washington DC. We could only start with Dave Batista, former WWE champion, currently a great Hollywood actor and a character who has already exposed himself politically in the past.

Him as well as former WWE legend Kevin Nash who called for Donald Trump to be kicked out and his staff or former WWE Lance Storm who called for "Impeachment" Even the Canadian WWE wrestler Sami Zayn expressed himself on these unfortunate facts, recalling, among other things, another bad episode of the terrible 2020 just ended with the death of the black man George Floyd, killed by the police, a situation that triggered further protests and controversies in the American territory.

Beyond this, we can say that the events in Washington DC represented a real attack on Democracy and Nash himself harshly reminded everyone that we must not think but take immediate action. Here are all the various messages, we also saw Renée Paquette or Charly Arnolt (known in WWE as Renée Young and Charly Caruso) who posted messages showing anger and disappointment for everything that was going on.

There are a lot of memes floating around the internet right now about the Capitol Building riots. T-Bar would have obviously preferred if someone would have saved themself the trouble from creating this one. Twitter suspended WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump from their platform.

The current President of the United States only has 12 days left in office before Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th POTUS. Mick Foley has made his displeasure of Donald Trump no secret. The two were both in the 2013 class of the WWE HOF, but they don’t see eye to eye at all. Foley even tweeted out a plea for Vince McMahon to remove Trump from the Hall of Fame.