Reckoning is furious Retribution is being compared to terrorists

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Reckoning is furious Retribution is being compared to terrorists

In the last few hours, a new big problem has hit the world of politics and society in the United States. As you all know, in fact, last Wednesday the United States Congress that had met to formalize the new presidency of Joe Biden was stormed by several pro-Trump demonstrators, who literally put them to fire and sword.

the entire city of Washington where the important meeting was being held, with the police who could not help but arrest several of them, unfortunately also claiming some victims who have become inevitable in some very hard clashes.

Already in the night (Italian time), several members of the pro-wrestling world had started writing on their social networks several comments condemning the acts that were staged from Capitol Hill, with Mick Foley who, taken by anger, had even asked Vince McMahon to oust former President Donald Trump from the company's Hall of Fame, due to the now-former US president's support for his "insurrectional people"

After what has been seen on all the TV and news programs in the world, several non-witty fans have begun to find absurd and unlikely similarities between the insurgents of Capitol Hill and the athletes who are part of the WWE Retribution, with some of the protagonists of the red show of the federation which, however, remained quite resentful of the thing and therefore responded in kind to their detractors.

Reckoning tweeted out a reply to the same meme that T-Bar responded to. She made it very clear that Retribution is not to be compared to terrorists. In fact, in the last few hours, both T-Bar and Reckoning wanted to respond very hard to those who called them "terrorists", with the two Monday Night Raw athletes who in fact wrote on their Twitter accounts.

Retribution is WWE’s invading faction

"I am the only white American in the group, so the comparison is only not accurate, but honestly it is also embarrassing. Take your idiotic jokes and shove them up the c ** o"

"Don't compare us to terrorists. Get out of your way with this garbage." Quite tough answers that have also been sought by these phantom fans who have tried to make irony about a very serious problem that is literally dividing America in recent months.

Since the death of George Floyd, who has opened a rift that has never really healed between two very large bands of US inhabitants, it seems that never before have the two factions really entered the war. Retribution is WWE’s invading faction, but they are not terrorists.

T-Bar recently reacted to a meme that compared Retribution to the Capitol Building rioters. He was furious about a meme that is being shared around. Reckoning was very angry as well. What happened in Washington, DC made headlines across the world.

There were also a ton of memes made and several of them are pro wrestling related. Retribution members wanted to make sure that fans know that they do not follow the ideologies held by those invaders on January 6th.