The Rock comments on the facts of Capitol Hill and publishes a video

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The Rock comments on the facts of Capitol Hill and publishes a video

In recent days, America has been shaken by the events in Washington and Capitol Hill to be precise, given that, on the day where the official green light for the new American president Joe Biden should have been, some fans of the current and now outgoing President Donald Trump broke into the courtroom armed with weapons forcing MPs to hide under their chairs.

Initially, this affair led to numerous injuries, some of whom died in the following days. There were many WWE and wrestling stars who commented on this very ugly historical episode for the United States of America and the opinion of a wrestling legend like The Rock could not be missing.

The Rock went from being a rookie wrestler to one of the greatest legends in WWE history and subsequently made his (with great success) entrance into Hollywood. When we talk about The Rock, we are talking about a character with planetary power, and in recent months there had also been discussions about a possible engagement of The Rock in politics, even how it is possible to run for president of the United States.

Several colleagues from The Rock wrestling have talked about this possibility and for example, RVD pointed out how he would immediately vote for the now ex-wrestler. Here are the words of RVD on The Rock: "I think if he wanted to do it, he would definitely get a lot of support.

It looks like a man who, over the years, has received and still gets a lot of respect. He is a person who invokes leadership and who gives me the impression of a man who can stand on top of the world."

The Rock comments on the facts of Capitol Hill

Through its Instagram profile, The Rock has published a video concerning the events of the other day, accompanied by a very important symbolic phrase by Abraham Lincoln, namely 'A house divided against itself cannot stand'

This is a symbolic phrase used by the former American President through which he tried to encourage the nation to remain united in a difficult time like this. The early stages of the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW saw the latter company consistently beating WWE RAW in ratings for several weeks.

However, that all changed 22 years ago on Monday Night RAW when Mick Foley beat The Rock to win the WWE Championship in the main event of the show. Tony Schiavone spoiled the ending to RAW on that week’s episode of WCW Nitro as it was taped in advance.

That backfired as several WCW fans decided to tune in to watch Foley’s historic win immediately. From that day onwards RAW never lost in ratings to WCW.