Latest update on WWE plans for Adam Pearce

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Latest update on WWE plans for Adam Pearce

The latest edition of Friday Night Smackdown that aired on FOX TV screens left WWE Universe fans quite destabilized, especially for what will be the challenge that will see the Universal champion of the blue roster, Roman Reigns, against his new n°1 title contender: Adam Pearce.

The WWE official has, in fact, "won" the gauntlet match organized by the federation in the main event of the blue show, with Pearce who was practically moved like a dummy by Jey Uso and Roman Reigns, after being knocked out by his younger cousin of the Tribal Chief, with Nakamura who could not help but receive the final pin, as the Japanese had also been attacked in a subtle way by the two athletes of Samoan origins shortly before.

Update on Adam Pearce's future

In the last few hours Dave Meltzer tried to find meaning in this very particular storyline, one of the most present and most informed journalists of web wrestling, who through the microphones of the Wrestling Observer, in fact, stated how Adam Pearce can only be a pawn of the WWE to be replaced at the last, in favor of the Canadian currently absent from Smackdown: Kevin Owens.

In his last speech in the usual daily newsletter, Meltzer stated: "It is possible that they will change Pearce once again with Kevin Owens because otherwise, the choice would be rather strange; because if he is really the final challenger (Pearce ed), it says a lot about what are the ideas that currently has the federation.

I'm not revealing it exclusively, but I really think they'll hit Kevin Owens once again." While it's not a real secret revelation, Dave Meltzer still speculated an on-screen change of plans for WWE which, if are not as Meltzer has transmitted them, they would really denote a shortage of babyface on the side of the blue brand, after the management has already had to use several names not very important to try to counter the domination of Roman Reigns, who has now routed the whole competition available.

Roman Reigns has become a completely different person since the start of his heel run, and since he enlisted the services of Paul Heyman. His promos have been smooth and well-delivered, his work in the ring has been malicious and calculated, and overall, he is probably the best heel in WWE right now.

The Tribal Chief has been getting things his way for some time now and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. Roman Reigns is definitely feeling good about how things transpired this week. We will see what the Universal Champion has to say to his upcoming opponent on next week's SmackDown. Not much is expected from his challenger, Adam Pearce, but hopefully, Roman will go easy on him.