Paul Heyman threatens Kayla Braxton with Renee Young's return

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Paul Heyman threatens Kayla Braxton with Renee Young's return

The Talking Smack program is a historical program that has been held in WWE for several years and which stars the WWE 'Mad Genius' Paul Heyman and Kayla Braxton. The two in recent times are the protagonists of interesting contrasts and it still has to be clear if they are the result of a storyline or are pure reality.

During the last episode of Talking Smack, the disagreements between the two continued with Paul Heyman who stunned the WWE Universe with a surprising phrase. At the start of the show, Kayla said, 'Paul, we're not going to fight this week.

This time I will not fight with you, we have a show to host and I don't want to think about anything else. This is my show, I've been here longer than you and so decided that we won't fight this week.' Heyman responded to this message with a decisive tone, teasing his colleague and released a sentence that did not leave anyone indifferent, namely: "Don't raise your voice with me Kayla if I want I can call Renée Young and then maybe I'll see."

In this way, the adviser of the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns emphasized the fact that he could ask for the removal of the host thus recalling Renée Young, the one who founded Talking Smack in the past in the summer of 2016.

Why did Paul Heyman threaten to bring back Renee Young?

According to the American media, this whole story started last week when Kayla Braxton had an argument with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman apologized on behalf of her colleague for the situation that arose.

This makes it clear that all these words are part of the curious and atypical storyline. In fact, a return to the scene of Renee Young is not currently expected, who a few weeks ago announced that she was expecting a child of her from her partner, the All Elite Wrestling wrestler Jon Moxley known when he was in WWE with the name of Dean Ambrose.

Paul Heyman’s Renee Young comment came after he offered an apology to Jey Uso on behalf of Kayla Braxton. Last week’s Talking Smack ended with both Heyman and Jey Uso taking exception to Braxton’s line of questioning.

Heyman then turned his back on the Talking Smack host, while Jey Uso ignored Braxton and answered his own questions. After filling in for Jonathan Coachman on commentary during an episode of WWE RAW back in August 2018, Paquette soon found herself as a full-time member of the commentary team, making her the first woman in WWE history to fill the position.