WWE removes WrestleMania 24 from the Network

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WWE removes WrestleMania 24 from the Network

As many of you know, the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Network is one of the most effective, comfortable and above all legal systems to follow the exploits of the Superstars of the McMahon-owned company, with the famous online channel that allows fans from virtually all over the world to see old PPV or old weekly episodes of WWE's top shows, but also part of the WCW or ECW repertoire and several other goodies that have become milestones in the world of pro-wrestling.

In recent days, however, WWE has encountered some problems with its pay-per-view par excellence, WrestleMania 24, with the edition made famous by Ric Flair's last match in the ring or the Big Show match. and Floyd Mayweather Jr, who has effectively disappeared from the online list of Pay-Per-Views available to users.

According to several sources online, the problem that would have led to the removal of one of the most remembered WrestleMania of all time is most likely due to a conflict over the musical rights of the entry song of boxer Floyd Mayweather, who entered with a song which WWE does not currently own the rights to and which may thus have created a breach of the law, which Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) will now have to deal with.

WWE WrestleMania 24 was a packed event from top to bottom

Although the WWE is still working to try to bring Wrestlemania 24 back into the list of PPV available to its fans, through some spokespersons it has, however, let several sites know that the problem will soon be solved and that therefore Wrestlemania 24 will be back on a permanent basis on the list of PPVs that WWE Universe fans can watch on the Network.

Most likely, if WWE continues to not have the rights to reproduce the song, it is very likely that the company's technical team will superimpose another entry music on the one used by Mayweather Jr, so as to avoid any kind of legal problem that could continue not to make the 24th edition of the Showcase of the Immortals appear in the list of PPVs.

WrestleMania 24 took place inside the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida, on March 30, 2008. The event was notable for WWE presenting a WrestleMania in an open stadium without a roof for the first time in years. The show was headlined by The Undertaker and Edge, with the duo battling it out in a World title match. Floyd Mayweather also competed at the event in a winning effort against the Big Show.