Former WWE writer jokes about Donald Trump

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Former WWE writer jokes about Donald Trump

As you all know by now, in the course of the week that is about to close, some rioters literally broke into Congress on Capitol Hill, where the leading exponents of the United States presidency had gathered to formalize the new president of one of the most strong and influential in the world, the USA, with Joe Biden's victory that had to be confirmed and formalized with a ceremony that was taking place right in the Capitol.

After what happened in Washington, Donald Trump also suffered great repercussions both on a media and social level, even being blocked for life by the famous social network Twitter, which preferred to remove his personal profile for having violated the essential policies several times of the site.

Apparently, after seeing the former US president blocked a bit from all sides on the most famous social networks, several insiders from the world of wrestling, began to make fun of Trump, inserting him in various satirical images and telling the disparate stories about what his future could now be.

Former WWE writer jokes about Donald Trump

After what happened in America, then, also the former WWE writer, Brian Gewirtz, who was at the McMahon court for several years before leaving his job, who certainly was not without stress behind the scenes of the federation, has seen fit to suggest a nice curtain to Vince McMahon, who should invite his historic friend, as well as former US president to take part in Smackdown, with a microphone in hand, even winning the title 24/7 currently at hips of R-Truth, staging a possible conversation backstage WWE.

In his latest tweet, Gewirtz wrote: "'Boss, I'm just saying, since he got banned from Twitter, how about we give him 15 minutes with a mic at Smackdown? And if somehow, I don't know how he became a 24/7 Champion too...'

Someone in Stamford Connecticut now (probably)." The ironic phrase was probably also linked to the long friendship that Vince McMahon and Donald Trump have had for years, with the McMahon family who even preferred to avoid mentioning the president during his office, not to receive the hatred of many of the fans who do not like Trump and who could thus also have lost interest in the product offered by WWE.

Chris Jericho received backlash for having Donald Trump Jr. on his podcast. He later had Andrew Yang on as well. In recent memory, Jericho invited conspiracy theorist David Weiss on his show to discuss COVID-19 and QAnon. This is an interesting subject, especially since Chris Jericho declared himself as not a political person. We will have to wait and see if the Million Viewer Man has any comment about this new information coming to light.