Why Sasha Banks was missing from WWE SmackDown

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Why Sasha Banks was missing from WWE SmackDown

In the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, WWE aired several very interesting segments, which changed many of the storylines that currently carry on the company's blue show. Among the many events, the next opponent for the title of Roman Reigns was also chosen, or the WWE official Adam Pearce, who won the gauntlet match in the main event of the last episode of Smackdown thanks to the providential "help" of the couple formed by the Universal champion and his younger cousin Jey Uso.

After seeing two new duo champions, with Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode who in fact ripped the belts from the Street Profits, after months of uncontested reign, the only big absentee of the blue show was the Smackdown champion: Sasha Banks.

According to the well-known overseas site Ringside News, the SmackDown roster champion was still present in the show's backstage but was not used by WWE due to lack of creative ideas at the time.

Backstage News on Sasha Banks

According to the journalists of the overseas site, in fact, the management and the creative team would have entered a fairly dark tunnel with the blue-haired girl, since once the titled match against Carmella was staged, they would no longer know what to do to Sasha Banks on-screen.

From what has been stated by the Ringside reporters, some sources inside the WWE have confirmed a very unstable situation inside the backstage of the company, with Bruce Prichard who would be the main suspect for all this fuss, as he is the head of the entire creative team and would reject any idea that comes to him from his subordinates.

At the moment Sasha Banks is said to be as healthy as a horse and she is said to have no problems of any kind, so her non-appearance of Smackdown is to be found only in a lack of choice by the company. Also, when interviewed about the possible inclusion of the champion in the Royal Rumble match at the end of the month or about who her opponent could be in a titled match, some WWE internal sources are said to have replied: "By asking us this means that you start from the assumption that there is something already planned for the Rumble."

In practice, as reported by these words, at the moment there is absolutely nothing official or organized within the WWE regarding the Royal Rumble, so the WWE would be moving forward, as they say in these cases, with the most disparate ideas that are discussed and chosen only close to each event.