Roman Reigns to confront Adam Pearce on next week's SmackDown

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Roman Reigns to confront Adam Pearce on next week's SmackDown

The last episode of Friday Night SmackDown, which aired less than 48 hours ago, offered a truly new challenge for the WWE Universe audience, with Adam Pearce, WWE official who has returned to play the role of the wrestler, after having definitely retired now a few years ago.

The former world champion of the NWA, in fact, had been hired by the WWE with the role of the road agent, who later became official also on-screen, with his figure that over time has become increasingly important, so much so that he has been included in important storylines alongside The Fiend, Randy Orton, Braun Strowman and now also Roman Reigns.

At the moment, although Pearce is no longer a fighter for some time and probably has not even received medical clearance to participate in a match, WWE still continues to advertise its official in the title match of the Royal Rumble, where according to several online sources the place Pearce's should be taken by Kevin Owens instead.

Roman Reigns truly is the Head of the Table

Having major competition from the NFL world over the next week, with payoff games airing right in the same time slot as WWE's SmackDown, the Stamford-based federation has already begun advertising some segments and some matches for the next week, also inserting a new face to face between the Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Adam Pearce, in the next episode of the blue show.

The commercials started rolling out on FOX's TV screens yesterday, with WWE trying to do everything to get fans excited about its new storylines. We'll also see if Kevin Owens will return to show up in the next episode of Smackdown, or if the Canadian's absence will continue for a long time after the attack suffered last week.

The sure thing is that at least on this storyline, the WWE has quite clear ideas and above all does not spare anything or anyone to make it work, road agents included. The Head of the Table and his entourage made sure Pearce came out on top after entering the ring and laying a beatdown on an already exhausted Shinsuke Nakamura.

They then made Adam Pearce cover Nakamura for the three counts. This all went down after Reigns called out Pearce for continuously booking matches that saw his family go against Kevin Owens over the past couple of weeks. We will see what the Universal Champion has to say to his upcoming opponent on next week's SmackDown. Not much is expected from his challenger, Adam Pearce, but hopefully, Roman will go easy on him.