WWE rejected a plan to make Booker T the manager of a Superstar

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WWE rejected a plan to make Booker T the manager of a Superstar

It is something that has now come back from all fans of the wrestling world that in WWE many ideas are designed every week but that in the end only a few really arrive in the ring of Vince McMahon's company. Superstars, in particular, often propose interesting creative plans but there are very few that Vince McMahon and the creative team in general approve.

In the latest episode of Sportskeeda's Off The Skript he spoke with former WWE JTG star Chris Featherstone who revealed a curious background regarding his still exciting adventure in the company. After the wrestler said goodbye with the disbandment of Cryme Tyme JTG he worked four years in the company with the goal of becoming a single level wrestler.

At that time, the wrestler said he had submitted numerous ideas to the company, almost all of which were rejected and one of them concerned the Hall of Fame and former WWE champion Booker T. Following in the footsteps of the hugely popular Rocky 5 movie, a saga involving actor Sylvester Stallone, JTG proposed that his character be run by Booker T as they both had a similar story.

WWE rejected a plan to make Booker T the manager of a Superstar

Booker T in the past had been Tag Team champion before becoming champion in the single and JTG wanted to replicate the exploit of his 'Master' Here are the words of him specifically: "I launched the idea following the thinking of Rocky 5.

Yes, I think it was Rocky 5. Booker T had to take me under his wing because we had similar stories and the same roots, then we were all born with a tag team and then we became single wrestlers. It would have been a fantastic event, my proposal was viewed but in the end, WWE refused."

The wrestler then clarified that maybe at some point he would have a fight with Booker T and the two would have reached the challenge. However, things did not go that way. JTG was quick to note that he had a fantastic time in the WWE and joked that the only regrets he had were not bulking up and growing a beard.

"It was an amazing experience, and I don't have any regrets besides not growing this badass beard and putting on some muscle (laughs)." When asked about whether he sees himself returning to WWE for a job behind the scenes, JTG explained that he understands the WWE hierarchy. While JTG kept the door open, he didn't sound too keen on starting at the bottom.