WWE superstar says The Miz has the worst finisher of all time

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WWE superstar says The Miz has the worst finisher of all time

Since his advent in WWE, The Miz has always been a much-discussed and criticized superstar: a part of the WWE Universe loves him and adores his 'weird' in some ways while others overestimate and criticize his ways of being.

in the ring. A WWE superstar, former 24/7 Champion Titus O'Neil spoke about The Miz, criticizing, in particular, his final move, namely the 'Skull Crushing Finale' characteristic move that throughout history has given much success to the wrestler.

Certainly, as he spoke, O'Neil was never really impressed with this maneuver. Intercepted on the microphones of a Rapid Fire question and answer session with Nathalie Mamo, Titus O'Neil responded to several curiosities from the world of wrestling and which among these was the worst move ever.

The Miz has been a WWE mainstay for over 15 years

Thanks to the Skull Crushing Finale The Miz became WWE Champion in 2010, but Titus O'Neil was quick to underestimate and criticize this maneuver by explaining the reasons why he doesn't like it at all.

Here are his words about it: "Wade Barrett's Wasteland maneuver is certainly one of the least impressive of all time, but if I have to have my say, The Miz's Skull Crushing Finale is the worst ever." The Miz is one of the longest-running wrestlers on the top floors and main roster of WWE and yet he is much loved by the WWE Universe.

In recent times the wrestler has been involved in Raw where he first won the Money in the Bank and then later lost his chance for the title. Adam Pearce in the last episode of 2020 gave this opportunity back to The Miz which therefore keeps the Money in the Bank.

WWE gave The Miz the chance to run for Money in the Bank by taking this chance away from Otis because he thought the A-Lister was more ready for this particular role. The Miz has become one of WWE's most recognizable superstars.

He won his first and only WWE title on an episode of WWE RAW in 2010. He went on to successfully defend the title against John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania 27, though he had a lot of help from The Rock. "The A-Lister" has also had some memorable runs with the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Currently, he holds the Money in the Bank contract, as Adam Pearce gave it back to him a few weeks ago on WWE RAW. Once again, The Miz is hoping to cash it in so he can become the WWE Champion.