Hulk Hogan’s life story is set to be the focus of a Netflix biopic

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Hulk Hogan’s life story is set to be the focus of a Netflix biopic

The life story of Hulk Hogan will be at the center of an upcoming biopic on Netflix, a biopic in which the big star of WWF, WCW and WWE will be played by Chris Hemsworth. The actor known for the famous cinematographic transpositions of Thor and James Hunt has decided to face the new challenge in the best way, developing his muscle tone in an almost incredible way to play The Hulkster.

Enough to even attract the attention of Hogan himself, that he decided to comment on the muscles that Hemsworth built step by step in the gym in order to interpret him. In fact, during an interview with 'ESPN', Hulk Hogan revealed that he had confronted the man who will play him in the film.

He spoke to Chris Hemsworth on the phone when he decided to take the job. Hemsworth has also revealed that he also wants to be as close as possible to Hogan, in order to represent him in the most faithful way possible and corresponding to reality.

Hulk Hogan’s life story is set to be the focus of a Netflix biopic

"This actually hasn't happened yet, we haven't gotten this far - revealed Hulk Hogan -. But we talked on the phone when he decided to make the film, that's true.

Chris said he wanted to be close to me as much as possible to study me and see what the magic triggers me. And I lent myself to it by answering him in my own way, with phrases like, 'Brother, you will be surprised.'

Besides, he is much taller than I thought, he will be 1.92 meters or 1.95." Hogan, in other words, confirmed that he was professionally "in love" with Chris Hemsworth. "He's in a state of crazy shape.

I keep telling him the only problem is that he's not handsome enough to play me in a movie," joked the Real American. Eric Bischoff recently revealed the state of play on this biopic. Bischoff is an executive producer on the project.

The biopic is currently in development, but Chris Hemsworth is a staple in the role of the leader of Hulkamania. WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan is a legend in the world of pro wrestling and still remains a huge name till this day.

Hogan recently spoke to ESPN in order to promote RAW Legends Night which will be airing tonight. During the interview, The Hulkster was asked what he thought of The Undertaker’s farewell, especially the ”Last Ride” documentary based on him.

“I didn’t expect it to be done so openly and honestly. I mean, he retired and came back, and put his boots in the ring and all of that. But this was the final ‘final’ goodbye. Putting the nail in the coffin — I know, great cliché there.

But opening up and showing people what he was about, that he was totally dedicated to this business, had wrestling in his blood since day one and was a good dude and a family man. I think the whole thing was done really well. It was a good move”.