Kurt Angle clarifies his absence from WWE Raw Legends Night

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Kurt Angle clarifies his absence from WWE Raw Legends Night

WWE advertised several former wrestlers for last Monday's Raw Legends Night episode, though some have not appeared. Starting with Kurt Angle, with whom relations seemed decidedly aggrieved since the fateful dismissal of April 2020.

So the person concerned wanted to explain what was behind his absence. Among the legends who took part in the Raw Legends Night obviously stands out Goldberg, who then challenged Drew McIntyre for a match valid for the title of WWE Champion that has received a lot of criticism during the week.

Other names involved for the show were Irwin R Schyster (IRS), Melina, Jeff Jarrett, Jimmy Hart, Molly Holly, Booker T, Alicia Fox, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Torrie Wilson, Big Show, Mickie James, Mark Henry, Ron Simmons, Teddy Long, Sgt Slaughter and Tatanka.

On the flip side, those who were expected at the show but did not take part in it are Beth Phoenix, Candice Michelle, Carlito, Eve Torres, Hillbilly Jim, Ivory, Jacqueline, Michael "PS" Hayes and the aforementioned Kurt Angle.

But he had a very specific reason for not taking part in the show. And he wanted to explain it bluntly to his fans.

Kurt Angle was not the only legend who did not attend Legends Night

In fact, Kurt Angle held a Q&A, which is a question and answer session on his Facebook page.

During this public conversation, a fan asked him why he didn't show up on Raw Legends Night. What emerged from his response is that the beloved WWE Hall of Famer had a previous engagement, which did not allow him to take part in Raw even though he was actually invited.

In fact, Kurt Angle wrote the following: "I had a previous commitment to which I had guaranteed my presence. I could not free myself." No diplomatic cases, therefore. At least in appearance: if what the former General Manager of Raw said is true, in fact, there were no problems with WWE at the basis of its "exclusion" from the legends.

If so, we will probably have to wait for the next WWE "nostalgic" event. Which could present new clues to the "Kurt Angle affair" While numerous legends were advertised in advance of RAW Legends Night, as it turns out, Kurt Angle was not the only name on the list who did not appear.

Carlito - also known as 'Carlito Caribbean Cool' to some WWE fans - didn't show up for RAW Legends Night either, despite being part of the advertisements. This was met with some very outspoken disappointment from fans online, who were looking forward to seeing the former United States Champion make his first appearance in WWE for many years.

But, the Carlito situation has since been clarified. Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported that the former WWE superstar was not interested in what the company had in store for him for the evening, and felt it was not worth traveling to the event.