Mustafa Ali possibly in trouble with WWE for his comments berating Hulk Hogan

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Mustafa Ali possibly in trouble with WWE for his comments berating Hulk Hogan

The last episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired last Monday night, was characterized by the presence of several legends from the WWE world, with important appearances such as that of the Hall of Famer Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Sgt Slaughter and many others, which helped WWE recover after the collapse of ratings that occurred close to the end of the year just ended.

Apparently, however, the great appearances of Raw Legends are not really liked by everyone, especially someone who has seen their time available in the red show rings cut in half, precisely because of the cumbersome presence of the legendary athletes of the federation.

One above all was Mustafa Ali, leader of Retribution, who, to the microphones of the secondary program of the McMahon-owned company, Raw Talk, which deals with the in-depth analysis of what happens in the red show, wanted to sink a very heavy attack on WWE legends, especially towards Hulk Hogan.

On RAW Talk, Mustafa Ali questioned why the Superstars of the past were getting more focus than members of the current roster, such as himself, Drew Gulak, and Akira Tozawa. Ali further took a dig at Hulk Hogan, saying people don't need to hear the same catchphrases again and again.

Mustafa Ali took a shot at Hulk Hogan

To the microphones of Raw Talk, Mustafa Ali wanted to express all his poisonous thoughts towards the Legends of the federation who had come to "steal precious space from young talents", letting go of words that were probably seen as too heavy even by employees you work, saying: "Why do we have to hear 'watcha gonna do brother' again for the seven-millionth time? Why don't you give us a chance? People who have contributed to this business and who continue to do so but no, let's throw them into a corner and give three hours of time to people who can barely walk."

Although the promo shoot is perfectly in line with Mustafa Ali's new character, absolutely heel, this time the boy of Pakistani origins may have exaggerated a little bit, with the same wrestler who a few hours later also posted the following tweet on his account personal, underlining what some executives may think at the moment: Who knows if now WWE will continue to let their wrestler speak freely in front of WWE cameras or if Mustafa Ali could really be punished for what he said towards the Legends of the federation? Though Mustafa Ali had a rocky start on the main roster, it looks like the former 205 Live Superstar has finally found his footing in WWE as the leader of RETRIBUTION.

It is hard to tell if Ali's tweet is a work or not, but taking a shot at legends like Hulk Hogan is sure to have some sort of ramifications.