Bayley excludes top name from her Mount Rushmore of women's wrestling in WWE

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Bayley excludes top name from her Mount Rushmore of women's wrestling in WWE

Many wrestlers over the years have been interviewed and many of them have been asked who they think should be featured on wrestling's Mount Rushmore. Last of these was Bayley who recently gave an interview to the microphones of Stone Cold Steve Austin's Broken Skull Session.

With this question, the or the protagonist of a series of questions is urged to choose four wrestlers who in the opinion of the latter are the best of all-time in the history of our favorite sport-show. WWE has released a video on its YouTube channel where it takes a clip of the program that is so interesting to fans of the discipline, in which the former SmackDown champion cites the four names in her opinion the most resounding in the history of pro-wrestling.

Bayley set to be a part of the upcoming Royal Rumble

"It's very complicated. But first of all, I place myself on this list. Slightly behind me, we put Sasha Banks for obvious reasons. Then I also add Lita, who helped me so much to be who I am today, making me understand that I could be who I am today.

There are so many that you can put in, but I mean Chyna because she was so different from all the others and she brought a lot of innovation to the female roster. I could really say a lot, but I opted for these four."

A really complicated choice for Bayley who certainly also incorporated a bit of healthy gimmick into her response, making it much less static and much more entertaining. Furthermore, we remind you that the video is currently also available on the WWE Network, a platform where for years you can find PPVs, shows, documentaries, interviews and much more.

Do you agree with the choices of the 'Role Model'? And, instead, who would make up your very personal Mount Rushmore? Let us know in the comments by entering your preferences for both the male and female roster. With the WWE Royal Rumble coming up, Superstars have started to announce themselves to be a part of the 30-person matches.

During last week's episode of SmackDown, Bayley announced that she would be a part of the WWE Royal Rumble as well, alongside Bianca Belair. Since losing the SmackDown Women's Championship to Sasha Banks, Bayley has been struggling to re-establish herself as a dominant force in the Blue brand's women's division.

The 30-woman Royal Rumble match may be the perfect opportunity for her to get back into the thick of things and back into title contention.