WWE makes NXT superstar's name change official

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WWE makes NXT superstar's name change official

Over the years, WWE has made the most disparate changes to the stage names of its wrestlers, with those who lost their surname, those who lost their names and those who saw their pseudonym become completely something else.

In the last period, the wrestler Riddle has indeed gone from being called Matt Riddle to simply Riddle. This is just the latest example of how Vince McMahon plays many with his athletes, trying to give them the most direct and simple name possible so that he can stay in the minds of fans with more ease.

Other examples of athletes who along the way have lost part of their name are those of Cesaro, Andrade, Big E, Rusev and Apollo Crews and Mustafa Ali who initially became only Ali and Apollo and then returned to have their own name business suit.

Few of you will probably remember the former Sin Cara manager seen a couple of years ago in the rings of Monday Night Raw, right next to the "faceless" athlete, when the Mexican was still under contract with WWE before to take off in the independents, as done by several other athletes during 2020.

The manager of the Mexican, who had debuted in the main roster rings with the name of Carolina and not Catalina, his ring-name used in the independents and also at NXT, had suddenly disappeared from the televisions of Monday Night Raw, with the girl who hadn't appeared in front of WWE cameras until the last episode of NXT.

WWE makes NXT superstar's name change official

Just last Wednesday, Catalina returned to perform in a WWE ring, with a new name. She the athlete has now taken the pseudonym of Katrina Cortez and was the sacrificial victim of Xia Li, who made her return to the ring after being trained hard by a mysterious Chinese master.

This marks the return to the scene of the 24-year-old Chilean athlete, who had been missing from the WWE televisions for several months now, with the very few matches played on the Raw and NXT rings that had already disappeared from the minds of WWE Universe fans.

WWE locked down the Katrina Cortez name on January 7th. She also used to wrestle as Carolina in many Lucha promotions prior to signing with WWE. The 24-year-old Chilean lost a match to Xia Li last week on WWE NXT. That is where her new name made its debut. You can check out a clip from that match below.