WWE allegedly looking for more romance angles

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WWE allegedly looking for more romance angles

In the year that recently ended, 2020, WWE has sent several segments on the scene among some of its athletes who have gotten engaged or had on-screen relationships, obviously with all that was only the fruit of the storylines of WWE and not something more.

In fact, in 2020, we saw two couples who formed on the Smackdown and Raw rings, namely the one between Otis and Mandy Rose and the one between Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy, with all four familiar faces of the WWE television screens that did not, however, they have been seen together for quite some time.

According to what was declared by the WWE Hall of Famer, as well as the current voice of the AEW commentary table, Jim Ross, these may not be the only romantic segments that the WWE will propose in the short term, with the historical voice of the McMahon company who in fact wanted to reveal a hidden side of Vince that few people know.

WWE allegedly looking for more romance angles

In the last episode of his Grilling JR, Jim Ross said: "Sooner than later I'm sure other things of that kind will come out, which will be staged just to get people talking.

What does it really mean? It is a good thing? Not always. If they talk good about it, then it's good, if instead, they start saying 'I'll never look at this me again', then it's not that good. Vince has always liked the s****l elements, especially when we were on TV14 with the Attitude Era.

He had the poetic and artistic license to play the devil he wanted. This could be a return to his repertoire. It is very simple to put someone in such a segment with booking and make people passionate about it. You simply need to identify and designate this character to whom you want to entrust this role and try to have him talk about tomorrow.

This doesn't work for me and for many others. It has too short a term. It doesn't work in the long run. It's like pushing one character all of a sudden on just that point of view and then waiting and seeing how far it can take you.

I couldn't do something like that every week, it's a 50-50 booking." Already at the end of last year, there was talk of a possible lesbian storyline between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, with the former saying she was very happy to to be able to stage such a storyline.

Who knows what WWE will offer us from this point of view in the future? WWE has an issue getting new stars over and keeping them popular without letting that momentum slip. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that fans might never know about.

The company certainly needs to figure something out. Romance angles might pop a rating as fans become interested in what comes next, but there must be a follow-up to maintain it.