Damien Sandow on WWE’s Grueling Travel Schedule

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Damien Sandow on WWE’s Grueling Travel Schedule

Damien Sandow is a former WWE Professional Wrestler. His most notable work was during his feud with The Miz. He recently spoke about the gruelling WWE schedule that he had to follow during his time with the company. WWE has been criticized by many people in the past for making their wrestlers follow an extremely hectic schedule.

Some wrestlers are forced to spend around 12-16 hours on the road to get from one arena to another. Due to the pandemic, the schedule is not that harsh.

Damien Sandow Speaks About The Bad WWE Travel Schedule

Sandow was on Giancarlo Aulino’s YouTube Channel where he spoke about the extremely hectic WWE travel schedule.

"You have a day-and-a-half at home. Your plane lands at 11:30 [am] on a Wednesday. You know, you've been up since 5 am, you catch your flight, you do your laundry. Then Friday, you get up six in the morning, catching a flight, three house shows, then you do two TVs [tapings], then you do it again.

Yeah, it was no time at home," revealed Sandow. "It's funny cause I hear now how the schedule is and I'm like, 'Oh my God' …well this is pre-pandemic too… yeah, like that schedule is nothing [laughs].

You know, for what they did and what they expected from us." WWE also does not have an off-season like many other real sports have. The wrestlers also do not get the holidays that most other sportsmen get and that is the reason why many wrestlers actually quit the WWE and start working for various indie promotions.

"Day after Christmas we'd leave and we'd get home for New Year's, which was a very lucrative loop which was cool. And people getting time off like, 'Oh, I need some time off.' We would never think about doing that… ever think about doing that.

I think you know what with some guys, I think they're just for some reason they're more lenient, but I never ever, ever got any special treatment from the office or anything like that," said Damien Sandow. "Like I never… nobody ever made an exception in my case and they would with some guys, but that's what they do and it's like that in any business.

This isn't just, 'Oh, evil WWE.' No, it's just sometimes some people get breaks, sometimes other people don't, that's it. They compensated me for it and life goes on."