Lacey Evans Thanks Ric Flair for Victory Over Charlotte

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Lacey Evans Thanks Ric Flair for Victory Over Charlotte

Lacey Evans is one of the most popular female wrestlers in WWE right now and she recently thanked Ric Flair for helping her win her match against Charlotte Flair. Charlotte Flair is the daughter of the legendary Hall of Famer, Ric Flair.

Charlotte and Ric have started a storyline after Ric caused Charlotte to lose her WWE Women’s Tag Titles. Charlotte previously held the titles with Asuka. Ric actually wanted to help Charlotte win, but accidentally ended up helping her opponents instead.

Since then, they have started fighting on WWE TV.

Lacey Evan thanks Ric Flair for Helping Her Win

Charlotte fought Lacey recently. This time, Ric helped Lacey pick up the win over his daughter. Lacey thanked him on social media.

She wrote, "Idk what's better....the win, the money, the suite, or pissing off the queen.?? Thank you Daddy @ricflairnatureboy #WorkSmarterNotHarder #RAW." Ric first helped Lacey by actually putting one of her legs on the ropes after Charlotte went to cover Lacey after hitting the natural selection.

Flair then told the referee to pay attention to the leg on the ropes and saved Lacey from losing. After a while, Charlotte was going for a suplex, but Ric held one of Charlotte’s legs. That caused Lacey to fall on top of Charlotte which resulted in a pinfall victory for Lacey.

This is most likely going to escalate the tension between Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair. The storyline is already getting a lot of attention from fans and this is a storyline that WWE might continue for a long time. This is also the first time in a long time that Ric has been involved in a major WWE Storyline ever since he had to receive treatment to recover from various health problems.

Ric’s wife also contracted COVID and he had to quarantine himself for sometime before returning to WWE TV. Charlotte Flair is one of the most valuable WWE stars in the locker room right now. She is also one of the best female wrestlers from a technical standpoint.

However, many people believe that Charlotte is not given the recognition that she deserves recently. She was also sent to WWE NXT about a year ago which many people thought was a kind of demotion for the popular superstar. She actually went there to help the brand win the Wednesday Night Wars. The plan did not work.