How hands-on Vince McMahon is with WWE referees

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How hands-on Vince McMahon is with WWE referees

As many of the protagonists of the WWE rings have always told over the years and in the various personal interviews in which they took part, the Chairman of the WWE Vince McMahon is said to have a very particular character, with the patron of the federation number one in the world of pro-wrestling said to go from being in a great mood to getting angry and vice versa, in a matter of minutes.

Many times over the past few years, especially in recent months, it has emerged through various rumors that Vince changed his mind at the last second about what were the plans for an athlete or a WWE storyline, with the insiders and the performers.

who thus found themselves changing programs in a hurry behind a television taping or a live broadcast of a PPV.

How hands-on Vince McMahon is with WWE referees

According to what was revealed by one of the historic WWE referees, Jimmy Korderas, to the microphones of the Wrestling Inc site, the WWE Chairman would have a very special and close-knit relationship with his Superstars, while instead he would leave the referees far behind, with whom he sometimes does not he communicates for nothing, leaving this work to his collaborators.

In his latest interview, Korderas said: "He's not as easy on referees as he is on wrestlers. At the same time, when he sees something he really likes, he recognizes it right away. If there is something he thinks we need to correct, he immediately points it out in the best possible way.

Generally, he leaves the referees to the various road agents because otherwise many of them might be too intimidated by him." Apparently, while Vince McMahon doesn't have the same relationship he has with his athletes, even with the referees, he would still be very fair to them, highlighting when officers do a good job and when they need to improve something.

The only thing the Chairman lacks, therefore, is direct communication with the referees, but in one way or another, Vince's thoughts still reach the referees in the ring via sideways. Vince McMahon runs WWE with an iron fist.

The old saying is true that if McMahon could do every job in WWE himself, then he would; because Vince McMahon is the only man who knows how he wants everything done. Referees have a lot of pressure on them to call a match in the ring, but Vince McMahon generally doesn’t worry too much about their direction unless there are special circumstances.