Chris Masters says Royal Rumble 1992 is "the best" of all time

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Chris Masters says Royal Rumble 1992 is "the best" of all time

Speaking to Dr. Chris Featherstone on SK Wrestling's Inside SKoop, former WWE athlete Chris Masters voiced his views on which was the best edition of the Royal Rumble Match, which we remind you to be the next PPV scheduled for WWE.

The "Royal Rumble" show will air on January 31, 2021. As in many other fans of the discipline, the role of nostalgia had a great importance in the choice of the Masterpiece, which really makes us understand how much the passion that arises from an early age can really push many people to undertake the same path, as well as scratch memories.

indelible in the mind.

The 1992 Royal Rumble was arguably the most star-studded in history

Former WWE superstar Chris Masters has gone on record saying he believes the 1992 Royal Rumble match is "the best" edition of the iconic battle royal.

"Personally, I think one of my best memories is when I attended the various Royal Rumble. However, I think the 1992 edition was the best of all time, also for the infinite value that the athletes who took part in it had.

Every time someone walked in, he was a Legend, he was truly incredible." Chris Masters also added how wrestling can devastate (sportingly speaking) many fans in the face of an unexpected victory and he himself recalled a moment that he will always remember for what it aroused in him.

"You know, there are moments that are also remembered as some of the worst for you in this discipline. For example, I remember how devastated I was by the victory of Sergent Slaughter on The Ultimate Warrior because of Randy Savage.

It was really hard to accept it." The 1992 edition of the Royal Rumble is still very much remembered today and saw as the winner Ric Flair who managed to eliminate Sid Justice last, who had a few minutes earlier betrayed his friend Hulk Hogan, who, taken by anger at what happened, to eventually helped Charlotte's father to achieve the important victory which for him also meant success at his debut in this particular match.

In this edition also Hogan himself made history, who managed for the first time in the history of the match that is due to Pat Patterson to remain in the ring as one of the last three survivors for the third consecutive time.

In the end, Ric Flair would emerge victorious, winning the WWE (then WWF) title after entering the Royal Rumble at number three.