Drew McIntyre provides important update after testing positive for virus

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Drew McIntyre provides important update after testing positive for virus

The news of the positivity of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to the Coronavirus came like a bolt from the sky not even so clear on the American Monday afternoon, a few hours before the start of Monday Night Raw. And inevitably the Scot's health problems will generate important consequences on the red show, just 20 days after the Royal Rumble dispute.

The first will arrive tonight on Raw, as WWE announced through two interventions on Twitter, within minutes of each other. First of all, the federation guys announced that the WWE Champion will not just spend in quarantine the time necessary to overcome his health problems.

In fact, he will be present on Raw (certainly in a remote connection) to present his personal comments to the public about the misadventure he is experiencing: But that's not all, because the episode will be opened by Triple H himself.

And this could somehow portend some important news about the fate of the top title of the red show.

The impact of Drew McIntyre testing positive

The news about Drew McIntyre's health condition could create a new domino effect in Stamford.

In fact, the tile for the creative team appears heavy, but in general for the whole WWE a few weeks now from the very important Pay per View of the Royal Rumble, scheduled for next January 31st. In fact, even the match that should have seen the WWE Champion as protagonist against Bill Goldberg, who returned last week, appears to be at risk.

And with it the main programs on the maximum crown of Monday Night Raw. Remember that nothing prevents WWE from leaving its main title around the waist of Drew McIntyre, especially as by convention the champion must be deprived of the belt after 30 days of failure to defend.

This unofficial rule, however, has been largely disavowed in recent years, particularly when "absentee" Brock Lesnar held not only the WWE Championship but also the WWE Universal Championship. Drew McIntyre was originally scheduled to have a match against Randy Orton on this week's episode of RAW.

The 2-time WWE Champion was pulled from the show, and WWE would later announce the TV return of Triple H. Drew McIntyre hasn't shown any symptoms, and he expects to be back sooner rather than later. The WWE would ideally conduct several tests before getting Drew McIntyre back to RAW.

In the meantime, it would be interesting to see how WWE continues the build-up for the McIntyre vs. Goldberg Royal Rumble match in the Champion's absence.