*Spoiler* Drew McIntyre accepts Goldberg's WWE Royal Rumble challenge

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*Spoiler* Drew McIntyre accepts Goldberg's WWE Royal Rumble challenge

On Friday evening, sensational news left fans speechless: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, was in fact affected by the pandemic virus and was therefore placed in quarantine by WWE itself, which will have to do without the athlete for at least two weeks, in one of the most important times of the year, which open the dances in view of the Showcase of the Immortals: Wrestlemania (and the Royal Rumble at the end of January).

Like a bolt from the blue then, the company was left without its absolute champion of the red show rings, with fans who at any moment began to make the most disparate hypotheses about what will happen now in the main event of Monday Night Raw, which thus loses its most important piece, one step away from the Royal Rumble.

Drew McIntyre gave a solid promo considering the circumstances. He said never to meet your heroes because they always let you down. McIntyre also said that Goldberg didn't just let him down, but he let his own legacy down as well.

Drew McIntyre tells Goldberg that he's "next" at the WWE Royal Rumble

Despite the positivity to the virus, Drew McIntyre still appeared twice on Monday Night Raw tonight, obviously connecting from home, where Drew wanted to remind fans once again how wearing the mask is essential to avoid a spread of the virus and how you help prevent getting infected.

Fortunately for him, the WWE Champion does not exhibit any kind of symptoms of the disease, with the ring giant of Raw still having to stay at home the period in which he tests positive, until the negative buffer that will allow him to return to the Raw rings.

During his second appearance on Raw's TV screens, Drew instead wanted to talk about what happened last week with Goldberg, who entered the ring after winning the WWE Champion in the match against Keith Lee, insulting him and challenging him to a match.

titled for the Royal Rumble. After exactly one week, Drew McIntyre accepted the challenge rained down on him by Da Man, thus formalizing a match valid for the WWE Championship in the first ppv of the year, thus confirming the fact that the Stamford federation will not lift the belt to the Scottish champion of Raw.

The WWE Champion made it clear that he had no intentions of accepting Goldberg's challenge because he's 20 years older than him. He implied it would be like the Goldberg of today coming out and challenging himself in his prime.

McIntyre said his thoughts changed the second that Goldberg physically put his hands on him. He claimed Goldberg needs a lesson in respect and that he'll give it to him at the Royal Rumble. He ended by accepting Goldberg's challenge and using his own trademark against him, telling the WCW legend that he's next.